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We partner with LumaStream because we know that when it comes to low voltage distribution and energy-saving components, they are the lead LED lighting company that has the ins and outs of the industry down pat. Delivering the most sustainable LED lighting solutions available, LumaStream is at the top of the energy efficiency game. Going green at your home or your company is a breeze with LumaStream’s patented system. It provides the ultimate lighting features for any space, with exceptional benefits and advantages.

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The Technology

LumaStream’s technological advancements are unparalleled. A lighting system includes a number of innovative features. These entail an intelligent power supply that can run up to 24 lighting fixtures from 150 feet away.

Centralized surge protection, reduced electrical infrastructure, and high-end LED dimming and control ensure that your lighting solution is working resourcefully and effectively at all times.

Recessed Fixtures

You’ll have multiple options to choose from when it comes to lighting fixtures. But for ones that can blend well with any existing décor, we recommend the recessed lighting fixture.

These efficient, customizable products can adapt to any space, and install right into the ceiling. Various trims are available, including a trimless model.


Want to add class and elegance to any room? A pendant lighting fixture brings a luxurious feel to your kitchen or dining area, and with the same LED energy-efficient components.

With the ability to dim or brighten them with ease, you can create ambiance and the perfect atmosphere with these sophisticated fixtures.

Featured Installations

Check out how LumaStream can appear and shine in your own home.

These quality installations show just how versatile and stylish the products are – and how saving energy is as easy as designing your next lighting layout.