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Articles tagged with: integrated technology

Tech Trends 2021 -- What to look for Next Year

Everything you need to know about smart home tech in 2021.

Tech Trends 2021 -- What to look for Next Year

Happy New Year everybody!

Welcome to 2021, which means a few things: First, that we survived 2020! And second, that lots of new tech trends are here. At Liaison Home Automation, we are excited to see what 2021 has in store for smart homes and smart technology.

So, we thought that we should kick off the New Year with a look at some exciting and upcoming tech trends! We’ve just started a brand new year, so today our blog is all about looking ahead at what paths the industry may take next year.

TAGS: custom-technology-solutions | integrated technology | smart-home-automation

Why Consolidate Video?

Smart Technology Is a Smart Idea

Why Consolidate Video?

You wouldn’t be crazy to think smart automation is kind of like a fancy toy. After all, we tend to talk about the coolest and most fun aspects of upgrading your home technology. But the truth is, integrated technology doesn’t have to be something you’re constantly impressed by. In fact, it should generally fade into the background of your life; something you only think about when it’s not around.

For instance, the practical applications for a contemporary video consolidation system are a lot less fun to talk about than 4K and HDR, but they could be even more life-changing. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the smart reasons you should consolidate your video controls for easy use anywhere in your Bloomington, IL property. Keep reading for more.

TAGS: Distributed A_V | integrated technology | smart home automation