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What You Need to Know About Soundproofing Your Home Theater Installation

What You Need to Know About Soundproofing Your Home Theater Installation

Enjoy the Full Impact of Your AV Without Disturbing Your Bloomington, IL Neighbors

When you think about a home theater installation, you probably imagine awesome 4K Ultra HD images and immersive Dolby Atmos surround sound. Whatever you picture, you probably don’t think about some of the more practical aspects of a private cinema – like how important soundproofing can be to your setup. But since it’s one of the biggest parts of any custom theater design, you should start considering the factors early. And that’s what this blog is for. Interested in learning some important stuff about soundproofing? Keep reading!

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How to Get the Best Sound Out of Your Home Theater

How to Get the Best Sound Out of Your Home Theater

Some Helpful Tips for Designing a Home Theater in your Denver, CO Smart Home

Building a home theater is one of the most exciting ways to enjoy the benefits of a smart home. But crafting an excellent, commercial-quality private cinema takes more than simply setting up a 4K projector and a big, comfy couch. If you’re in the market for high-quality entertainment, you’ll need the perfect set of components for your spaces. This blog will focus on how to elicit the best sound out of your home theater design.

Experience 3D Audio With Dolby Atmos

While traditional surround sound systems have worked for years in the consumer-grade market, they’ve never been capable of re-creating the same sonic experience that’s achieved by commercial theaters. Thankfully, the experts at Dolby have come up with a sound solution: Dolby Atmos. Atmos does away with the idea of multi-channel audio configuration, allowing each sound to travel freely from speaker to speaker – whether it’s in front of you, behind or above. The three dimensional speaker set-up gives your movie’s sound a more robust and realistic quality, and puts you directly in the middle of the auditory excitement. With Dolby Atmos, your home theater will feature the best sounding cinema in town.

Specialized Acoustic Treatments Keep the Sound in

One of the most challenging aspects of creating a quality sound environment isn’t purchasing and installing equipment – it’s keeping the sound within your home theater. Specialized acoustic treatments can be installed in your walls to ensure that the sound waves from your audio system don’t escape the confines of the theater. If they do, your movie sounds hollow and it might disturb anyone else in the house. On the other hand, you don’t want sound from outside your private cinema ruining a good movie, thus soundproofing your theater is imperative. With the combination of acoustic treatments and soundproofed walls, you’ll cultivate an excellent listening experience.

Customized Seating For Sonic Success

The first step in building a home theater should always be to solidify a seating plan. Where your chairs are positioned will determine everything else: from optimal audio calibration to precise angle of viewing. Seating position is essential to building the most effective home theater sound system. Moreover, the design of the seats themselves is important – seats with tall backs will block sound from reaching your ears, and seats made from reflective materials will reflect light back to the screen and can potentially wash out the image. The best solution for a great sounding and great looking home theater is customized seating designed for comfort and function. Contact us today to get started on a home theater design for your Denver smart home that will look and sound better than you ever thought possible.

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