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Winter is Coming: Are Your Lights Ready?

Winter is Coming: Are Your Lights Ready?

Prepare your Home Lighting Control for the Changing Season

That chill in the air means that there is no denying it: winter is on the way. As you’re changing to your snow tires and checking the heater, don’t forget to prepare your home’s lighting for the new season. Remember: the changes winter brings are not limited to temperature and precipitation, there are distinct changes in lighting patterns. It may not seem obvious, but simple improvements to your lighting system can make a huge difference in your Denver, CO home experience and energy consumption. To learn more, read on.


Take in the Sun

As the days get shorter and sunlight becomes more scarce, those hours of daylight become even more precious. With a complete home lighting system, you can maximize your time in the sun. With a few tweaks to the controls, you can program your lights to mimic and mesh with the natural rhythms of the day. In the morning, your lights could be brighter and, then, slowly dim with the incoming sunlight. The extra electric light in the morning will help wake you up, and daylight will naturally heat and light your home.  These adjustments will not only save energy; it will ward off Seasonal Affective Disorder by providing your home with a much-needed dose of Vitamin D. See Also: How Does Home Lighting Control Keep You Safe

"Daylight Savings”

Benjamin Franklin came up with the idea for Daylight Savings to conserve candles. In your home, you can apply the same economic principle with home lighting control. New interfaces make it easier than ever to schedule your home’s lighting system with an astronomical clock. This way, your home will know exactly when the sun will rise and set and when the time changes, and adjust the lighting accordingly. You could also add photo sensors that recognize how much light is naturally in your home at any moment, and changes your lighting settings based on that data. If you incorporate motorized shades into your lighting system, then they will automatically descend with the sunrise and sunset--when the light is at its harshest angle--and prevent glares. Syncing your home with the sun will bring harmony to your home’s light, and help avoid unneeded light use.

Holiday Season

Tis the season for holiday parties! As you groom and adjust your home in preparation for guests, don’t forget about your lighting system. Before any event, you can program a scene, or a group of lighting settings designed for the party, to create the right mood or highlight your home’s design features. Or, perhaps, you plan on having longer term visitors. You can create a guest profile, which may also include heating and security, to set your visitor at ease in your home. Once they have gone, this profile will not change the master settings, so it’s easier for you to jump back into your daily routine once the festivities are over.   With a few adjustments to your lighting controls, this could be the best winter yet. If you have any questions about these suggestions or want to incorporate lighting control with your Denver home, contact us.