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Why Upgrade With LED Home Lighting Control Fixtures?

Why Upgrade With LED Home Lighting Control Fixtures?

Don’t Get Stuck in the Past When it Comes to Your Lights

When you think of LED, what comes to mind? Probably an awesome 4K UHD television or other video display. But actually, LEDs are an all-around smart way to illuminate any space. That’s why many home lighting control manufacturers are crafting great LED fixtures for both indoors and out. In this blog, we’ll show you some of the big benefits of upgrading your Denver, CO property with LED lighting fixtures. Read on to learn more.

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LEDs Are More Common Than Ever

If you look at the history of home lighting throughout the last century, you’d probably come across plenty of references to incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. From the bedroom to the kitchen and everywhere in between, you’ve probably used each of these kinds of bulbs to light up your very own home. The reasons were simple: they were affordable, easy to acquire and they worked in your average house lamps. But during the “going green” movement midway through the last decade, homeowners started to look for newer, better ways to illuminate their property. And while there were a few lower-wattage bulbs that worked, eventually manufacturers realized they could make LED bulbs that fit existing household fixtures. Today, you can buy LED at any grocery store. And as they became cheaper and more affordable in the lower-end market, manufacturers also developed more advanced, LED exclusive fixtures for the inside and outside of your home. While higher-end LED fixtures are nothing new, today they are more common than ever – making them one of the best ways to light up your property.

Why Are LEDs So Popular?

LED fixtures have three primary benefits: they are energy efficient, they can be made of biodegradable materials and they last for a very long time. With these three aspects in mind, manufacturers and home automation professionals have begun suggesting them for just about every space, from the attic to the pool. In fact, LED fixtures are so energy efficient, they can save you a lot of money on your energy bills each month. LEDs use 70-80 percent of the energy used to power them. Conversely, incandescent bulbs use about 30 percent, while the rest is burned off. That’s why they get so hot when they’re on. LEDs run cooler and use the energy more efficiently, without sacrificing brightness. LEDs can also be made of bio-degradable material. If going green is your thing, LEDs won’t harm the environment, even if you use them to light up your pool or landscape. Lastly, LEDs last for a really long time. Depending on how frequently you use them, they can last between 11 and 20 years. That means, if you’re using them for a pool or mostly unused attic space, you don’t have to worry about replacing them every few months.   Are you ready to enjoy a brighter, more energy efficient home lighting control system with LED fixtures? Contact Liaison Homes today for more information!