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Whole Home Audio Upgrades We Loved at CEDIA 2017

Whole Home Audio Upgrades We Loved at CEDIA 2017

Your Home Will Sound Better Soon

There are few things in life more fun than listening to your favorite songs through a connected, high-res whole home audio system. So that’s why, when CEDIA 2017 hit, we were excited to see all of the cool home audio upgrades. In this blog, we’ll take you through some of our favorite new devices that you’ll be rocking out to next year. Read on to learn more.

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Alexa Integration

One of the biggest products to hit the shelves recently has to be the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, which use the Alexa interface to interact with various smart components throughout your home. Many smart home manufacturers have taken advantage of the voice-control capabilities to make your home even easier to command. And now, Origin Acoustics has stepped in to simplify control over your whole home audio and home entertainment systems with their new Valet AV Receiver. The Valet is specifically designed with invisible whole home audio systems in mind, so you stream all of your favorite content to in-wall speakers that you never have to look at to enjoy. But what makes it special is Amazon Echo integration, which allows you to communicate with Alexa via your whole home audio system. If you ask a question or issue a command, the interface will respond via the speakers in the ceiling or walls. Moreover, you can enjoy control of your AV system with Alexa integration. When the Valet is installed, you can pause or play movies with your voice, and if you ask Alexa a question during a movie or game, the Valet will automatically pause your content and Alexa will answer through your AV system.

Origin Acoustics Deep Sub

Subwoofers are an important but often overlooked aspect of home audio. That’s why Origin has introduced their new line of subwoofers dubbed Deep Sub. The line includes the 300 watt “8,” 500 watt “10” and 100 watt “12,” which all bring the bass power of your musing to bold new heights. Plus, if you want a little extra kick, you can also upgrade with the dual-active 12, which feature two active drivers for total teeth shaking glory.

Marquee Speaker System

If you spend any time online, you’ve probably come across a forum debating the merits of various speakers. The truth is, a speaker only sounds as good as the room it’s in. That means, depending on the makeup of your space, you could hear completely different things coming out of your speakers, even if you’re listening to the same exact content. Origin Acoustics may have solved that problem with their upcoming Marquee Speaker system. Each speaker uses an independent power amp featuring three channel outputs. The outputs issue power to each of the drivers contained within the speaker itself, one for the subs, one for the tweeter and one for the mid-range drivers. The result is a speaker that you can customize to play excellently in any space.   Are you excited for the new whole home audio solutions coming to you from CEDIA 2017? Let us know by clicking here or by chatting with a live person in the “Let’s Talk” button at the bottom of your screen!