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What to Look for in Outdoor Home Lighting Control

What to Look for in Outdoor Home Lighting Control

Select a System That Shines in Your Decatur, IL Backyard

Summer is here and that means we’re spending more time outside. And there’s no better time to take in the beauty of your property that after dark. There’s just one problem – how do you see it? By installing an outdoor home lighting control system in your Decatur, IL backyard, you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the great outdoors without leaving the comforts of home. But not all lighting systems are created equal – so what do you need to look for when integrating outdoor technology? In this blog, we’ll tell you! Read on to learn more.

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Rust and Corrosion Proof

When a system lives outdoors, it’s exposed to all kinds of elements. This could be a lot of rain in the spring and summer, or below freezing temperatures in the winter. In either case, your lighting needs to withstand these conditions or ultimately become totally useless. That’s why you should look for components that are rust and corrosion proof. Metals like bronze don’t rust because they don’t contain any iron. You can integrate fixtures that will remain serviceable for years if they are made of the appropriate materials.  Not only does bronze look great in just about any outdoor space, it’s also extremely durable.

LED Lighting

Many homeowners are discovering the big benefits of LED lights. Not only do they provide clear, white and dimmable light to your outdoor spaces, but they’re also made of biodegradable material, too. You don’t have to worry about ruining your landscape by poisoning the foliage when you integrate LEDs. Moreover, they resolve one of the biggest hassles that homeowners face with outdoor lighting control – you rarely have to replace them. LEDs can last up to a decade even with constant use, and many homeowners enjoy them even longer thanks to energy efficient dimmers. Plus, they use nearly 80 percent of the energy used to power them. By installing LEDs, you literally save time and energy with your outdoor lighting!

Waterproof Connections

The biggest challenge for many homeowners and installers alike is securing and waterproofing the wired connections between the components. Conventional wisdom states that a wired system should remain safe when it’s kept underground, as most wiring usually is. However, as anyone with a shoddily wired system will tell you, those connections aren’t as safe as you may think. Ensure you work with an integrator who knows how to splice wires the correct way the first time, and takes extra precautions to protect those areas. Wiring damage is the number one cause of lighting system failure. An expert installer should make sure this never happens.   Are you looking for an expert home lighting control installer in your area? Liaison Homes fits the bill! Contact us today to begin your lighting consultation!