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What’s Playing: A Guide to Enhancing Your Music Library

You Have the Gear, Now Get the Sound Out of Your Whole Home Audio System

What’s Playing: A Guide to Enhancing Your Music Library

By now, we’re well into the digital revolution. And if you haven’t upgraded your music collection, you could be missing out on hours of auditory entertainment. Whether you want to stream music throughout your house or settle down for a few quality hours in your dedicated listening room, you’ll need top-quality, high fidelity tunes to enjoy. In this blog, we’ll take you through some of the best music formats available for your Springfield, IL property’s whole home audio system.

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Give CD’s Some FLAC

Think now that we’re living in a digital world you have to ditch your CD collection and rebuy everything? Think again. CD’s are already digital, so all you have to do is rip them to your computer and enjoy the tunes. But don’t be fooled by the MP3 – your kids may enjoy the lower-quality music, but you don’t have to.

The truth is, MP3s are among the worst ways to store and listen to music. While they take up very little space, they do so at the expense of important bits of information. You literally hear less when you’re listening to an MP3 than when you listen to a CD. Lossless audio formats like Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) and Direct-Stream Digital (DSD) are vast improvements over MP3s, and they offer sound quality as good as or better than your average CD. Plus, since storage has become more accessible, you can easily keep them on your server for instant access throughout your house.

The Return of Vinyl

A funny thing is happening with technology today – for decades, progress tended toward smaller, more elegant devices. Today, it seems as if technology has turned around completely. Smartphones are getting bigger, and vinyl is making a huge comeback. While lossless digital music continues to dominate, analog formats have also grown in popularity over the years. Record players, amplifiers and receivers are showing up in dedicated 2-channel listening rooms all around the country.

There’s no telling why the format – which all but died out in the late 1980’s – is making a comeback, but we have a few guesses. Firstly, the experience is very fulfilling, allowing you to interact with music audibly, visually and tangibly. Plus, because music is a continuous waveform, the analog format may simply be a better fit for certain recordings because it reproduces the sound continuously. Alternatively, digital music reproduces sound by sampling bits of information. Will the vinyl revolution last forever?

Who knows? But we can help you future-proof your music collection with the right gear for long-time listening. Contact us today.