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What’s New in Motorized Shades?

What’s New in Motorized Shades?

Cool off in Your Springfield, IL Residence

One of the fastest growing aspects of home automation is motorized shades. Homeowners love the convenience of one-touch controls over every curtain and blind in their house, especially when they have oversized or hard-to-reach windows. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they can help make your property look more beautiful than ever. But even with all these benefits, smart shading isn’t always the most exciting subject of integrated technology. That’s why we’ve put together this blog that showcases some cool new developments that you could soon enjoy in your Springfield, IL property. Read on for more.

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Solar shades are nothing new – in fact, we’ve been using the sun to provide energy to electronics for decades. But as homeowners become increasingly aware of the impact non-renewable energy sources have on the environment and their pocketbooks, many are looking for alternatives. And since your shades probably have a fair amount of contact with sunlight, they seem like a practical place to start. Many homeowners have solar panels installed to help absorb and retain sunlight for later use. But some users don’t like the idea of additional panels cluttering up the outside of their homes. That’s why some smart shade manufacturers have looked for an alternative. One of the most promising is a photovoltaic structure, which incorporates solar panels as part of the shade fabric itself. While we have yet to see how this will show up in homes, it’s still a promising new development in shading tech.

Smart Glass

Some manufacturers are even looking for alternatives to smart shading itself. One of the most prominent of these is the idea of smart glass. Smart glass can react directly to the sun’s rays, darkening when it’s too bright and allowing more light through when the sun goes down. Does that sound like sci-fi? It’s already a reality: the new Netflix office in California features smart glass. The office managers can even control the settings remotely, so they can adjust the tint as needed. Of course, tinting is only the beginning of smart glass’ possibilities. Some companies are looking for ways to turn glass into your main computer interface. Will that pan out in the long run? Only time will tell – today we can settle for smart shading solutions.   Are you excited about motorized shades? Ready to learn more? Contact Liaison Homes today for more information!