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What’s Changing With Whole Home Audio This Year?

What’s Changing With Whole Home Audio This Year?

Decatur, IL Residents May Be Hearing Something New Soon

Did you know that 2016 was the year of music streaming? According to Nielsen, more Americans listened to online services like Spotify and Apple Music than purchased either physical or digital albums last year. That’s a pretty big deal for the music industry, but it may also have a huge impact on your whole home audio system. Now that album ownership is going the way of the dinosaurs, it’s time to learn how you can still enjoy the best selection of tracks in any room of your home. Read on to learn more.

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Increasing Your Network Bandwidth

If you’re going to start streaming music, you want to make sure you’re getting the best possible quality. That doesn’t include lag or stoppages due to too much strain on your network. With so many devices taking up your network’s bandwidth, you’ll need a system that can handle the increased demand of online listening.

Enjoy Higher Quality Music

You may be slightly disappointed in the news that you don’t have to store music files on a hard drive anymore, especially if you’ve just recently gotten around to upgrading your collection with lossless files that sound as good as the original master. Many audiophiles remain resistant to the idea of streaming exactly for that reason. But there’s good news on the horizon; Tidal has announced Tidal Master, a service that allows you to stream MQA recordings. If you’ve been following our blog, you know that MQA offers master quality over a wireless stream. Tidal is the first service to offer MQA recordings, but it could be making the rounds among others soon enough.

Subscribe to a Streaming Service

Speaking of streaming services, you’ll probably want to subscribe to one soon. While record sales are on the decline, streaming exclusives have become big business. Big names like Beyonce and Frank Ocean dominated the charts last year with streaming-only albums, so you may want to subscribe sooner rather than later.

Expect Changes to Your Music Experience

While streaming music is not exactly new, there are a few big shifts coming to your favorite audio. The first is immersive formats. Until recently, immersive audio has remained exclusive to the realm of home theaters. But thanks to a few cool showings at CES 2017, one of the largest technology expos in the country, immersive audio could be making waves in your music. Some manufacturers are even developing immersive headphones. And the headphones will pair nicely with the emergence of VR usage throughout the industry. Artists like Paul McCartney have already begun releasing VR music videos, which uses the technology along with immersive sound to create a whole new kind of music video. Are you interested in learning more about the changes coming to your whole home audio system this year? Contact Liaison today for more information!