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Want Your Home to look Stunning? Go with Low-Voltage Lighting

How Lumastream LED Is Changing the Lighting Game

Want Your Home to look Stunning? Go with Low-Voltage Lighting

What’s the most important aspect of your lighting system?

Is it the way it makes your home look? Or maybe how well it keeps your spaces safe?

The fact is, lighting can do a lot. And one of the most compelling reasons to upgrade to LED lighting fixtures is the way it helps you save energy.

But not all systems are the same. In fact, low-voltage lighting systems – like the kind offered by Lumastream – are among the most energy efficient additions you can make to your Denver property.

If you have no idea what low-voltage lighting is, you’re not alone. This blog will explain the concept, and how it can help you save big on your energy bills.

Ready to learn more? Just keep reading.

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Why Low-Voltage?

We live in a culture of “more is better.”

When you go shopping, you look for the sales that say buy-one-get-one-free. When you buy a car, you look for the highest miles per gallon, most spacious one you can find. It’s all about getting bang for your buck.

In those cases, more is better. But it’s not always. In fact, using more power in your LED system can make it work less-than-optimally.

Your lighting system isn’t too different from your high-end audio system. Too much power to the speakers and the sound begins to distort, peak, and otherwise diminish in quality. Instead, the sensitive components require precision more than power.

Something similar happens with a standard LED lighting control system. High-voltage wiring doesn’t offer brighter lights and better control. Instead, it can cause flickering while you dim the lights and extra wear on the components.

Low-voltage solutions, like the kind from Lumastream, help increase the precision of the power going to your lights. More than that, they help make your system more energy efficient.

That means a more cost-effective, longer lasting, and easier-to-maintain system that fits in your home.

The Lumastream Difference

If you’re looking for low-voltage lighting, you can’t go wrong with Lumastream. A leader in low-voltage solutions, they provide simple-to-service, energy efficient fixtures for all rooms of your home.

For instance, their fixtures require reduced electrical infrastructure. That means the same wire used to power them can send signals to control them. Enhanced dimming, adjustable hue, and more can work seamlessly from a single wire.

What does that mean for you? Greater surge protection, more dynamic control, and increased energy savings from a fixture that will last for years.


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