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Using Commercial Automation Solutions in Your Tap Room

Using Commercial Automation Solutions in Your Tap Room

Smart AV Can Help Your Champaign, IL Bar Stand out

If you run a restaurant or bar, you know that before your customers can enjoy what you serve, they have to enjoy what they see. Drawing in clientele is one of the hardest aspects of running a successful eatery. But commercial automation solutions can help – by bringing your AV into the 21st century, you can craft the look you want for your space. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some simple ways you can enhance your restaurant with AV. Read on for more.

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Digital Menus

In a tap room, a digital menu is one of the smartest additions you can make to your AV gear. Not only can you feature up-to-the-minute drink specials and other information, but you can even keep real-time track of rotating taps. Finish a bottle or keg? A few taps on your computer or tablet and you can remove the item from the menu. It’s also perfect for making announcements. Are you nearing last call? Place a message on the screen to inform your guests. Only have limited quantities of a particular drink? It’s easy to inform them that you’re running low and they should act soon if they want some. Plus, thanks to full color 1080p or 4K displays, your guests won’t have any trouble seeing the info from across the room.

Streaming Video

One of the most common ways to enjoy AV in a bar or tap room through a sports game. Whether you want to show the Cubs game or you want to stream an out of market team, you’ll need the right audio video gear to do it. And with all that gear, you can suffer from lagging playback, clunky controls and poor quality on the kind of content your customers want to enjoy. That is, unless you upgrade with smart automation. A major problem for many bar owners is teaching their staff how to operate the AV gear. While it’s not an essential skill that many employees possess, their ability to effectively and efficiently change the channel or app on display can make the world of difference to your customers. That’s why you should integrate everything with an easy-to-use interface, so each of your staff members can select the right content on display. If you have an audio distribution system, you’ll want them to quickly find and select the appropriate playlist for each occasion. Additionally, ensuring your network is strong enough to support multiple sources is extremely important. If you’re trying to showcase multiple games at once across different displays, your network could begin to slow down or stop altogether if you exceed the bandwidth. Ensure your system can handle all of the content by consulting your integrator.   Are you ready to enhance your bar or tap room with commercial automation solutions? Contact Liaison today for more information!