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Take It Outside: Smart Home Automation in Your Backyard

Take It Outside: Smart Home Automation in Your Backyard

Enjoy Spring Warmth With One-Touch Controls

Winter is officially over and in a few weeks we’ll start to feel the weather warming up. That means you’ll be spending more time outside, soaking up the sun’s rays in beautiful Bloomington, IL. But just because you’re stepping outside doesn’t mean you need to give up the convenience of your smart home automation system. In this blog, we’ll show you intelligent ways that you can incorporate outdoor automation. Read on for more.

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Managing Sunlight

Sure, you may appreciate the sun after the long winter, but too much can be unpleasant. Whether you want to avoid sweating bullets or a nasty burn, there’s one solution you can employ while still reaping the benefits of the warm air: motorized shades. Smart shading isn’t just for inside. Incorporate rollers into a deck or balcony for one-touch UV protection and climate control. The mesh material will allow you to see the daylight and enjoy the breeze, without the hassle of direct sunlight burning your skin or bleaching your furniture.

Blocking Bugs

An additional benefit of adding motorized rollers to your deck is pest control. You can integrate retractable bug nets to protect from mosquitos and other critters that want to invade your space. A single button will blog them and you can enjoy the day and night, without having to worry about getting bit.

Smart Lighting

Lights can improve just about any space. In previous blogs, we’ve discussed landscape lighting, but you don’t have to spend the entire night in your yard. Just about any outdoor space can light up with weatherproof fixtures that tie into your smart automation system. Illuminate the deck, patio, balcony, pool and more with creative, bright and efficient lighting that you control with your smartphone or tablet.

Stay Secure

Avoid the hassle of getting up to answer the door. With integrated smart locks and video doorbells, you can greet guests without getting up from the hammock. When they ring the doorbell, you receive a notification on your smartphone. Streaming, real-time video shows you exactly who it is and, thanks to your integrated locks, you can unlock the door and let them in with ease.

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