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Speak up: The New Way to Control Your Smart Home Automation System

Voice Control Is Taking Connected Homes By Storm

Speak up: The New Way to Control Your Smart Home Automation System

We talk a lot about how easy it is to control your smart home automation system. With a single touch on your smartphone or tablet you can turn on the lights in your bedroom, lower the temperature on the thermostat and ensure all of the doors are locked. And with our patented E-Touch interface, you can even enjoy a system based on the actual floorplans of your Denver, CO house. But there’s something new on the horizon – voice control technology. It’s one of the biggest trends in the industry this year and in this blog we’ll explain why. Read on for more.

Why Voice Control Is Popular Now

To be honest, voice control is nothing new. For years users have been able to tell their systems what to do and, if all conditions were right, it would do it. However, ensuring the right conditions was a bit of a hassle. From microphone reception to different regional accents, there was always something in the way of your devices understanding your commands. But today, there’s been a major development in smart home technology: Alexa.

Alexa is a voice-control interface developed by Amazon. It’s capable of understanding different speech patterns, pronunciation and other differences in the way each of us speak. It uses internet connectivity to understand a wide range of commands, and it does it better than just about any other voice control system has done before.

That’s why some major manufacturers have taken notice. Leaders in the industry have partnered with Amazon to integrate their voice control software into their products, and have even made some improvements along the way. Thanks to the ability to have your integrator customize the system to your usage, you can still enjoy the power of specific “scenes” that control multiple devices at once.

A Total System

The new interface is just one part of a total system that helps you command your smart home. Whether you prefer voice control, intuitive E-Touch or even a hard-buttoned remote control, you can enjoy all kinds of control. You never have to spend a second wondering about the condition of your home again.

The integrators at Liaison Homes are experts in designing and installing the custom system of your dreams. Contact us today to begin your initial consultation, and you’ll be controlling your own smart home automation system in no time.