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Sound Bars for Home Theatres

Raise Your (Sound) Bar

Sound Bars for Home Theatres

Raise Your (Sound) Bar

How high is your bar? Is bass important? What about style, or sound quality? All of these sound important... but why? Sound is the center of your home’s entertainment experience, and therefore many factors go into it. The selection of a sound bar can be quite confusing, so the experts at Liaison are here to answer all of your questions.

Audio has the ability to drastically change our viewing experience. The audio is able to create an atmosphere that viewing alone cannot. Imagine watching Star Wars for the first time without sound. The iconic theme song, the dramatic fight scenes, and breathing of a villain, would all be gone! 50 percent of the movie experience comes directly from the audio. Viewers recall what was on the screen, but experience the audio.

...But How Will It Look?

Televisions have gotten thinner and thinner which makes you wonder where the speakers are. Sound bars can enhance the sound and improve the overall entertainment system. Various designs can seamlessly integrate the sound system into your media center. Sound bars can be hooked to the bottoms of the TV, sit on a table below, or hook to the wall separately from the TV. All of these options are aesthetically pleasing and experience enhancing.

Sound bars are now an essential part of any customized entertainment room. As the picture quality improves on the television, the sound quality should as well. Here at Liaison, we believe in the ultimate viewing experience for you and your family.

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