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Smart Ways Your Motorized Shades Can Save You Energy Right Now

Smart Ways Your Motorized Shades Can Save You Energy Right Now

See an Instant Change With These Easy Tips

When you’re a kid, getting your hands on a dollar bill is cause for celebration. When you get older and start working, you realize that a single dollar doesn’t quite mean as much as it used to. After all, you make plenty of dollars on a regular basis. So why is it that finding a balled up bill after washing your blue jeans can still make your day? Because money is money. So why would you want to waste yours on an inefficient home? Chances are, you don’t. That’s why we’ve put together these easy-to-use tips on using your motorized shades to save energy in your Champagne, IL home. Interested? Just keep reading.

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Use More Natural Light

What’s the world’s best source of light? The sun, obviously, but we don’t tend to take advantage of it enough. Why? Well, there are practical reasons; UV rays can quickly heat up a space and potentially damage your belongings. And then there are the other reasons (the ones we don’t like admitting). For instance, the idea of getting up off the couch to roll up the shade is just too much effort sometimes. In either case, you probably enjoy the remote control features of your motorized shading system. Though when you take full advantage of your smart technology, you shouldn’t have to even do that much. By using the sensors and pre-set commands likely already installed in your system, your smart shades can determine the amount of light in the room and act accordingly. When there’s too much light, they will lower, helping manage your cooling costs. Too little, and they’ll rise, while simultaneously dimming your artificial light fixtures.

Set Scenes for Simple Beauty

You probably already know you can set scenes to make your home look better. With a few swipes on your control device, you can craft the perfect look for any occasion, then return to it with the touch of a button. But what many homeowners overlook is how their scenes can help them save energy. By dimming the lights in one area of the room, raising them in others, and crafting the layered look that makes interior design pop, you’re reducing energy usage. And by incorporating your smart shades with the lighting, you’re saving even more. Be aware of when it’s appropriate to lower shades and keep the room cozy, or when you should raise the heavier ones and only leave sunshades down. Then, whenever necessary, return to that scene that looks great and lowers energy costs.   Want some more free, easy-to-use tips on saving energy with your motorized shades? We’re here to help! Just click here to find your local Liaison Home branch, or call us today at 888-279-1235.