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Smart Solutions for Designing a Better Home Theater

Smart Solutions for Designing a Better Home Theater

Consider These Factors When Building a Cinema in Southwest Florida

Football season is here, and there’s no better way to prepare for kickoff than in the comfort of your own home theater. Whether you’re rooting for the ‘Fins or the Bucs, the unique Florida landscape can create some issues for designing the home theater of your dreams. In this blog we’ll identify some issues that frequently come up when building a private theater in Naples or Fort Myers, and how smart automation technology can solve them quickly, conveniently and easily. Take a look at some of the smart solutions for home theater design.

Prevent Glare With Smart Shading

When building a home theater, the first step is deciding where to put it. For many homeowners, this could be an unused basement or back room where natural light from the sun won’t disrupt the picture display. However, Southwest Florida sports few basements, and homes are frequently designed to allow as much light as possible. This is “The Sunshine State”, after all. Smart shading is a perfect way to reduce ambient light in any room. With the touch of a button, you can lower blackout shades that create the right atmosphere for movie and game-watching. You can even integrate other smart components into a single scene, which gives you control of the entire room in one touch. Lower the shades while shutting off lights, starting the projector and turning on the surround sound system. All that’s left to do is grab a bowl of popcorn, crack open a beer and enjoy.

See More on Your Screen

Of course, conditions in your home might prevent light from being completely blocked. The solution is simple: install a high-contrast screen. Unlike traditional projector screens, which are made from white fabric to maximize light reflection, high-contrast screens are made from black or grey fabric. This allows it to minimize reflection and glare from any source not directly in front of it. In a room full of windows that let in lots of ambient light, a high-contrast screen is ideal. High-contrast screens also produce vivid colors and sharp images under just about any lighting conditions. They are available in both fixed and retractable options, which can lend versatility to your home theater space. On a Sunday afternoon, you’re one touch away from the ultimate game day setting, and during the rest of the week you have a multi-functional room to enjoy too. Are you ready to enhance your Naples or Fort Meyers, Florida home with an intelligent home theater design? Contact us today to get started.