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Smart Home, Dream Garage: A CEDIA Award Winning Project

Smart Home, Dream Garage: A CEDIA Award Winning Project

How We Built One Colorado Client’s Automotive Escape

When working in smart home automation, the reality is that some projects can be more challenging than others. Of course, if you rise to the challenge, your work can exceed all expectations. So when one Colorado homeowner contacted us to automate his dream garage, we knew that it would take time and effort, but the results would be well worth it. What we didn’t expect was that the project would turn out quite as well as it did – and garner us a CEDIA award in the process.

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The project was unique: the homeowner, a collector of high-end, luxury automobiles, wanted more than a simple garage. He wanted a completely automated gallery to display some of his most prized possessions. Pleased with the Crestron system we had installed in his house back in 2009, he called us to integrate the new addition, which stands apart from the main building, with the same system. Essentially, he wanted a single system to control everything on his property. Needless to say, this was a new challenge for us. We’re used to making our projects scalable and updateable so that homeowners can add on to their installation whenever they need to. But integrating an entirely separate building with the same system presented bigger problems than just adding on to an existing installation.

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And what a building! The garage is a two-story marvel of construction and automation. On surface, a glass-walled showcase overlooks the property. French doors open up to let a single car in or out at a time. It’s visible from the house, so the homeowner can admire any car in his collection at his leisure. But what happens when he wants to show off a different one? Well, that’s when the magic happens. Inside the glass showcase is a custom-built lift that lowers the car down into the gallery. The underground area is capable of holding up to ten cars, and sports all of the amenities of the main house. Featuring 75” Samsung televisions, a surround sound system, smart lighting, automated shading and a windowed west wall for an expansive view of the landscape, the gallery is an automotive paradise for the homeowner.

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One of the most important features of the space is the custom HVAC system. Capable of detecting carbon dioxide and other poisonous gasses, it can activate automatically to filter out any harmful elements. The homeowner can also activate the system manually, when he wants to turn a car on inside the gallery. Of course, stretching a system from the house, across the driveway and into the new underground gallery was no easy feat. We had to bore holes under the driveway and run hundreds of feet of wire to connect the system. Plus, we had to upgrade the Crestron processor to accommodate all of the new components. Liaison_CP 14 Liaison_CP 7 In the end, though, the results were fantastic. We were recognized by Custom Electronic, Design and Integration Association, the biggest such organization in the automation industry, for our work. But more importantly, we were able to fulfill our client’s every wish. In 2009, his house started as one of the largest smart home automation projects in Colorado. Today, it’s even bigger – and he couldn’t be happier. If you’re interested in working with us to craft the home automation project of your dreams, contact us today.