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Set the Scene with Smart Home Automation

Set the Scene with Smart Home Automation

From Movie Night to Bedtime, Make Your Smart Home Ready for Every Situation

One of the biggest advantages of smart home automation is that it connects all of the technologies throughout your Denver, Colorado home into one easy-to-use system. The ability to press a single button and have a room transform before your eyes offers unparalleled convenience and comfort. This one-touch control is created through personalized scenes that are programmed to have perfect lighting, shading, audio/video, and more for each situation. Below, we’ve covered some of our favorite scenes that can be added to your smart home automation system:




When you leave your home, whether for a day trip to Aspen or a month in another country, you want it to be safe and secure. A home security system goes a long way toward ensuring that unauthorized individuals cannot access your home, but smart home automation can take it one step further: convincing would-be thieves that your home isn’t unoccupied at all. With a “Vacation” scene, your smart home automation system mimics the patterns of everyday use, from turning on the lights in the evening to opening the shades in the morning. SEE ALSO: How Does Home Lighting Control Keep You Safe?  

 “Good Morning”

Simply set your desired wake-up time before you go to bed, and your home will help you greet the day in the most soothing way possible. Motorized shades block out the sun and then slowly rise to light up the room and soft music plays from the in-ceiling speakers. The mirror TV in your bathroom can even turn on and start playing the morning news as you go throughout your morning routine.  


When it’s time for bed, you shouldn’t have to worry about walking through your home, checking locks and turning out lights. Just press the “Bedtime” button on your control system, and your home will be ready for the night instantly. Shades lower, electronics turn off, and lights shift to only illuminate pathways for safety.  

“Movie Night”

Transform your living room or media room to a private movie theater with the press of a button. When you’re ready to start the movie, the motorized shades lower and overhead lighting dims, creating the dark theater atmosphere. Your A/V system turns on and gives you a selection of movies to choose from. If you’d like to pause the movie while you get up for popcorn, the lights illuminate your way to the kitchen and back.  


Getting ready for a dinner party or daytime barbecue shouldn’t require you to have to rush around adjust the lighting and music. Right before the guests arrive, get your home in the perfect party mood with your smart home automation system. Choosing the music playlist, setting the lights, and adjusting the A/C can all happen from one touchscreen. With the “Party” setting, your home security system will enable guests to enter the property, your landscape lighting will light up the way to the door or patio, and the speakers throughout your home will provide just the right level of sound for the occasion.   These scenes are just a few examples of how a smart home automation system can make your everyday life more convenient. To speak with one of our automation experts about the possibilities for your home, contact us today.