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Set Out for Summer Fun With Smart Home Automation

Set Out for Summer Fun With Smart Home Automation

Enjoy the Great Outdoors With Confidence This Season

Ah, Aspen in summertime. During the season, it’s easily one of the most beautiful places in the world. If you’re lucky enough to own property in the city, it’s unlikely you’ll want to remain cooped up indoors when the weather outside is so nice. Thankfully, smart home automation solutions are available to help you leave your house with confidence. Whether you want to protect your property from environmental hazards or ensure that the lawn is tended to, we have the solutions for you.

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Geo-Fencing Technology

There are few things better than getting out of the house and exploring the neighborhood – especially when you live in one as scenic as Aspen. But sometimes you get caught up in the adventure, and you don’t know when you’re going to be home. In these cases, geo-fencing technology offers a hands-free solution to preparing your home for longer-than-expected journeys. Geo-fencing utilizes your GPS coordinates via your smartphone to understand exactly where you are at a given time. When you cross a pre-set threshold, your home is automatically set into “Away” or “Vacation” mode. That means all of the technology that you won’t be using – say, your integrated thermostat, smart entryways and lighting system – are set to energy-efficient modes to avoid wasting energy while you’re out.

Automated Irrigation Systems

Even though you’ll be spending a lot of time away from the house, that doesn’t mean you want it looking anything less than beautiful. And some of the most appealing aspects of a home’s exterior are the lawn and foliage. Making sure they get enough water is essential for a healthy landscape, and it’s made easy by automated irrigation systems. When you’re out, you can trust the system to run like clockwork according to preset schedules. Keep track of irrigation zones with data streamed directly to your smartphone or tablet. Receive push notifications when it’s raining, so you can remotely turn off the system and conserve water. Plus, your system can even keep track of when there’s excess moisture in the air, and adjust the water usage accordingly. Are you ready to enjoy hands-free reliance on a smart home automation system that keeps your property running even when you’re out and about? Contact us today to learn more about how your home can benefit from integrated technology.