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Save More With Home Lighting Control

Save More With Home Lighting Control

From Lowering Bills to Reducing Energy Use, Smart Lighting is Essential

For many Aspen, Colorado homeowners, energy conservation is essential. Whether you want to reduce the bills on your second home, or preserve the environment by lowering your energy usage, home lighting control is one of the best ways to do it. But becoming energy efficient isn’t as simple as shutting off the lights when you leave the room – integrated technology is an important factor. In this blog, we’ll show you how a smart lighting system can help you conserve energy in your home.

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Integrate LED Fixtures

Before you can really make an impact on your carbon footprint, you have to start at the source. Many homeowners use incandescent or fluorescent fixtures throughout their spaces. The problem is, these old-fashioned components have short lifespans, waste tons of energy and are made with harmful chemicals and parts. Thankfully, there’s a solution: LED light fixtures. Unlike traditional devices, LEDs can be customized to just about any shape and size, so you can have beautiful lighting without a lot of wall acne. More importantly however, they are also among the most environmentally sound lighting components you can have in your home today. For instance, LED lights are made without harmful chemicals, so disposal is a snap. But because they are extraordinarily energy efficient – they burn off a mere 20 percent of their energy as heat – you won’t have to worry about disposal any time soon. How long do they last? Well, if you were to leave them on day and night, they would last up to 11 years. LED lights are a perfect addition to your lighting control system, but when combined with other factors, they can last even longer.

Dimmers and Occupancy Sensors

One such factor is the dimmer. While they’ve been around for a while now – you probably had a traditional dial version in your home growing up, today’s versions are even smarter than they were before. That’s because they can be integrated into your home automation system for hands-free control. Pre-set your dimmers to lower the lights as the sun comes up, and harvest the natural illumination. When it gets cloudy, or nighttime approaches, they can automatically raise to give your home a comfortable glow. You can even stage a “scene” by creating a layered pattern with your lighting that allows you to showcase different aspects of your home. In addition to dimmers, you can add occupancy sensors to your spaces. Similar to motion sensors, they turn lights on only when someone enters the room. The difference is that they won’t automatically shut off the lights if that person decides to sit down and relax with a book. Moreover, they can be programmed to recognize height and shape, so they don’t turn on the lights every time Fido wanders into the area. Are you ready to save more with home lighting control? Contact us today for more information.