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Is This the Newest Contender in the Smart Home Automation Arena?

Is This the Newest Contender in the Smart Home Automation Arena?

Comcast Is Coming for Your Integrated Technology

These days, it seems like everyone wants a piece of the smart home automation pie. First, the major automation manufacturers like Crestron entered the ring. Then tech giants like Google and Amazon threw in their hats. Now, it seems like telecom giant Comcast is trying to get in the game. And it may mean big things for your smart home. In this blog, we’ll show you how Comcast plans to break into the industry and why you may want to hold off on investing in the cable provider’s platform – for now. Ready to learn more? Just keep reading.

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Comcast Enters the Automation Realm

Tech companies just can’t seem to stay away from smart home automation. Google Home and Amazon Alexa are technologies that have revolutionized the game. And with easy integration with most major manufacturers’ smart systems, you can do great things with the power of your own voice. So, what does Comcast have to offer the industry? According to Forbes: “Today Comcast announced a package of updates for technology that connects with its voice-controllable home entertainment Xfinity platform. An updated mobile app, Stringify, configures it all, its Android smartwatch integration enables home automation from your wrist, and new integrations with electronics and lighting giant Lutron and home furnace and A/C manufacture Carrier centralize control of your smart home.” So, essentially, it’s another voice control system, only this time from your cable provider. The primary benefit, the article goes on to say, is that your system will allow you to control all your devices with your Comcast remote or app, and you can receive notifications directly on your TV. But is upgrading with Comcast worth it?

Why You Should Hold Off on Comcast

If you think automation through your cable provider is a good idea, you’re not alone. But there are some practical reasons you may want to hold off on switching or installing a Comcast system. We’ve listed a few below: Trust: when you install any kind of automation, you need a system you can trust. That means you want well-established brands and knowledgeable installers. Manufacturers like Crestron have been around for years developing systems specifically for home automation. Certified installers know the ins and outs, and can help fix any problems that may arise quickly. Local: Comcast is a national brand. That means you’re going to receive national service – every time you call up for even the simplest questions. A local installer will be there for you, get to know you and be able to answer all your needs in a one-on-one fashion. That’s just something Comcast can’t offer. Proprietary: Comcast’s voice-control is based on proprietary technology from two companies: iControl and Stringify. While their products may work, they don’t have the sheer connectability as Alexa or Google Home. Smart homes are all about customization, and if you’re stuck using Comcast’s limited number of partners, you may not get the system you want.   Are you interested in learning more about how Comcast can affect your smart home automation?

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