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How to Take Full Advantage of LED Lighting Design

How to Take Full Advantage of LED Lighting Design

Streamline the Process While Creating a Better Experience for Clients

How have you embraced the LED revolution in your projects? Everything changed with the transition from incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs. LED allows for more eco-conscious homes and gives clients more elegant lighting solutions for their luxury residences. Unfortunately, in the past embracing LED solutions was a bit cumbersome since it involved a mix of low voltage and line voltage that resulted in extended project timelines and bloated budgets. The good news: new technology lets all LED Lighting go through low-voltage wiring. What does this mean for you when you’re designing your next home in Barrington, IL? Now you can integrate LED lighting without going over budget or schedule. LumaStream offers low-voltage solutions that make it easy to provide unique home lighting control options for your clients.

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Streamline Home Construction & Design

In the past, many LED lights had to use line voltage solutions which are more labor-intensive and less efficient in converting AC to DC. With everything now available through a low-voltage system, builders can use the same contractor for all their audio/video, networking, security, and lighting needs. Low-voltage home lighting control solutions like those from LumaStream eliminate common construction complaints including poor fixture performance, large heat output, and cumbersome wiring infrastructure. There are fewer circuits, wire, and conduit needed which can significantly reduce your project's labor costs. By streamlining the process, you can also limit the cost of fixtures. Often, lighting fixtures are marked up along every step of the way—by the manufacturer, then the electrician, then the architect or builder. By having everyone working together from the start, you can reduce those markups.  

Design a Layered Lighting Solution

LumaStream offers design services for all its dealers including extensive plans and 3D models to help architects, builders, and integrators create unique lighting control solutions that meet all client demands. All associated parties can sit in on a call with LumaStream during the discovery phase to ensure the resulting LED lighting design is precisely what the customer wants. Architects and designers can also benefit from a LumaStream solution that goes well beyond simple ceiling LED bulbs. The company offers a wide range of accent, recessed, and elegant pendant fixtures. It currently has 50 lighting fixtures and is developing an additional 38 to meet growing demand.  

Offer Intuitive Control for Homeowners

Not only do homeowners reap the benefits of a quicker, more streamlined construction—they’ll also have a much more livable space. LumaStream allows for third-party controls, so it’s easy to embrace the smart lighting control options that your client wants. They can adjust lumens and color through dedicated scenes, sensors, keypads, and mobile apps. LumaStream integrates easily with popular home automation companies like Savant Systems so clients can manage lights from the same interface they use for climate control, entertainment and more.   Embrace a solution that makes your projects more efficient and appealing to high-end clients. Find out how you can take advantage of LumaStream’s home lighting control in your next project. Reach out by calling 888-279-1235 or filling out our online contact form.