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How the Right Window Treatments Bring the Room Together

How the Right Window Treatments Bring the Room Together

Smart Solutions From Traditional Coverings to Motorized Shades

For the interior designer in your home, window treatments are probably quite frequently top-of-mind. For the techie, they’re probably not even a blip on the radar. But smart shading is a crucial element to any home – even a smart home. Whether you’re interested in traditional, manual treatments or motorized shades that tie into your Denver property’s integrated automation system, there are solutions to fit your specific needs. In this blog, we’ll show you how smart shading can bring a room together.

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How Do Shades Make Your Spaces More Comfortable?

Along with lighting fixtures and furniture, shades are one of the most important elements in making your rooms livable. Not only do they help block out the sun, but they can help maintain the temperature in your space. Solar heat gain is one of the leading causes of high energy bills. Untreated windows don’t keep the heat out. Instead, the light from the sun can very quickly raise the temperature in a given room. Similarly, when it’s cold outside, you don’t want to walk into a freezing area of your home because the HVAC conditioning seeped out through the windows. Heavy blackout shades can help keep the heat indoors.

Do I Have to Install Curtains?

Many Denver homeowners love the idea of heavy curtains draped across their windows, but there are plenty of options available. It’s important to know what you’re going to used them for, so you can make the best decision both stylistically and functionally. For instance, you may be designing the perfect pool house. In this case, billowing blackout curtains probably won’t do, because you’ll likely be getting the most out of the space during the summertime. Slatted blinds or sunshades may be all you need. In the case of the former, choose a reflective color to minimize the heat from the sun. Counterintuitively, when choosing opaque sunshades, a darker color often works best because it increases visibility from the inside.

How Do I Integrate Window Treatments With My Automation System?

You may choose to integrate smart shading into your system, and you’ll stand to gain plenty of benefits. Whether you want to lower energy costs or simply make your spaces more convenient, motorization is a smart investment. When installing motorized shades, consider a double roller. That will give you the ability to choose different types of shading for different occasions. For example, when you’re hanging out in the media room catching a late Sunday Broncos game, you can lower the sun shades. But when it’s time to watch a movie you can go full blackout. Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of window treatments, whether you prefer traditional or motorized shades? Contact us today.