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Here’s the Technology You Could Be Seeing Around Offices in 2018

Here’s the Technology You Could Be Seeing Around Offices in 2018

Stay Ahead of the Curve on the Newest Commercial Automation Tech

Imagine being in one of the first offices with a telephone. Everyone in the world used to communicate in person or through letters, and all of a sudden they can just call each other up. Technology doesn’t always move at a rapid pace, but when something revolutionary comes along, it can change the world in the blink of an eye. Today, we have smart technology that integrates with every facet of our work day. In fact, commercial automation is a cornerstone of many businesses in the Aspen, Colorado area. Of course, it’s always a good idea to try and stay on top of the latest trends in business technology. Here, we’ll preview some cool gadgets you might find in your office next year.

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Furniture For More Than Comfort and Style

Currently, furniture is a central part of the look and feel of your office space. But it doesn’t really serve much of a purpose beyond that. But if the latest rumors out of Silicon Valley are to be believed, we may see an upgrade pretty soon. According to Electronic House, wireless-charging furniture might just be the future. They say that “a few Starbucks outlets” in the California city “have started integrating wireless charging stations into the tables,” and that McDonald’s is testing the tech in Europe. So what would that mean for your business? As we increase our reliance on mobile devices, we may not ever have to think about charging them ever again. No more dead phones or laptops. Your employees or customers will never be locked in one place as the device charges again.

Glass That Reduces Energy Costs

Perhaps even cooler than a desk that charges your mobile device is glass that saves you money. Tech companies are working hard on developing self-tinting glass for windows and other applications. In fact, according to The Fifth Estate, Japanese researchers have cracked the code on creating multi-colored tints in smart glass. Previously, developers had only been able to craft glass that could darken or brighten depending on the lighting conditions in the area. However, this development could mean all kinds of new applications for the technology, including uses in vehicles and buildings. Theoretically, smart glass can help reduce HVAC costs by up to 40 percent.

Available Now

Even if this technology is still ahead of us, there are plenty of ways you can enjoy smart commercial automation solutions right now. Instead of smart glass, for example, you could install motorized shades that automatically lower to block out solar heat gain. Wireless charging furniture might not be an option, but there are plenty of commercial networking upgrades you can make that will improve the reliability of Wi-Fi access throughout your building. The process of adding the latest commercial automation technology doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We have all the answers you need. Just click here.