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Introducing Healthy Homes

Your home is smart, but is it healthy?

Introducing Healthy Homes

This past year has brought awareness to the places that we go, the air that we breathe, and the water that we drink. People take precautions outside of the home, but what about inside. During these unprecedented times, people are spending more time in their homes, which makes us wonder how clean our everyday environment is. Now more than ever, the air we breathe and the water we drink is an important aspect of our everyday health.

Here at Liaison, we had the same questions and concerns. Originally, our mission was to provide our clients with a luxury living space and integrated technologies. Now, it emcompasses the health and wellness of the people within the home. Air and water purification solutions are the simplest and most integrated ways to ensure that your home’s atmosphere is pure and clean.

Air Monitoring

Understanding what is in the air is the first step to knowing how to purify it. Each home is unique and therefore so is the air inside. Our Air Monitors detect the various allergens and toxins found in the space. There are many factors that can affect the air such as the number of people in the space and the appliances used. This technology helps the individual have a better understanding of how their habits impact the air around them. The monitor will send you custom alerts and notifications to help control the quality of the air. Breathing is an essential part of our everyday lives. Take a deep breath and breathe easy with our state of the art air monitoring technology.

Air Purification

Americans spend most of their time indoors, which makes us wonder about the air that we breathe. Just as people mop and sweep, we also need to clean the air. It is an interesting concept, but just as important as eating off a clean plate.

There are three main indoor air pollution categories: Particles, Volatile Organic Compounds, and Microorganisms. These pollutants come from things like cleaners, fungus, and dust mites. In addition to keeping things dusted, having an air purification system can exponentially improve the indoor air quality. Liaison has advanced air purification units with disinfecting filtration systems that removes 99.99% of harmful bacteria, toxins, and other particles found in the air.

Water Purification

Clean water is the clear choice. Not only is unfiltered water a growing health concern, but it can literally leave a bad taste in your mouth! Buying plastic water bottles can temporarily solve the problem, but the environmental impact may make you think twice. Our single room or whole house water purification line can seamlessly integrate clean water into your home. Intelligent self-cleaning 6 stage reverse osmosis filtration is designed to provide the purest drinking and cooking water. It removes up to 99% of waterborne impurities from your water, getting rid of contaminants such as chlorine, microplastics, bacteria and viruses.

Turn on the tap and turn off the worry. Give yourself and your entire family peace of mind with our water purification solutions.

If you are interested in learning more about how to make your home a safer and healthier environment, call us at 888-279-1235. We would appreciate an opportunity to educate you on what is available.