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Experience Your Favorite Music Throughout Your House With Whole Home Audio

Experience Your Favorite Music Throughout Your House With Whole Home Audio

Build a Playlist That Accentuates Every Room of Your Home

In a town known as “The Country Music Capital of the World”, it’s no surprise that the residents of Nashville, TN would value their tunes. And there’s no better way to appreciate your favorite music than with a whole home music installation. No matter if you’re waking up, cooking dinner, on the deck or in your own dedicated listening room, you’ll never miss a note in any area of your property. Read on to find out how smart technology can enhance the way you interact with the audio in your house.


Wake Up in Style

The sun is up and the shades automatically draw. The lights begin to come on slowly as music softly filters into your bedroom through in-wall speakers. You wake up refreshed to your favorite morning jam. As you get dressed, walk down the hall and enter the kitchen for breakfast, the music accompanies you, becoming the soundtrack to your morning. After sitting and enjoying your meal, it’s off to the grocery store to get all of the ingredients for the hearty family dinner you’re preparing. Leaving the house, you put the buds in your ears while never missing a beat -- the Spotify account linked to your smartphone is the same one in your home. You lock up the house via your automated entry system controlled by the same device, and you’re off to start your day.

Create a Comfortable Atmosphere

Dinner is almost ready and the family is beginning to arrive. This could be a stressful situation, but you’ve chosen the perfect playlist to keep you calm in the kitchen and one to create a sense of warm elegance in the dining room. As your guests enter your home’s foyer, they are greeted by a different set of songs all together – you’ve chosen some light, sunny tunes that reflect the mood of your family. When dinner is ready, let everyone throughout your home know – the kids upstairs, your parents on the deck and everyone in the living room – with the touch of a button that transforms the speakers in your house into an intercom system. Gather together in the dining room and enjoy a great tasting and great sounding family meal.

Unwind After a Long Day 

After dinner: the kids are cleaning up, the family is on their way home and you get a moment to relax. There’s no better place to do it than in your dedicated listening room. Designed with specialized acoustic treatments that capture every detail of your music, and sporting a robust, high-fidelity stereo system, your listening room sounds like Blackbird Studio. If you could, you would probably spend the rest of the night there. But instead you make your way off to bed, and use your smartphone to set your “wake up” scene to repeat again tomorrow morning. Are you ready to experience sonic bliss with whole home music in your Nashville, TN property? Contact us to begin your installation today.