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Ensure the Reliability of Your Commercial Automation With a Strong Network

Ensure the Reliability of Your Commercial Automation With a Strong Network

Get the Most out of Your Integrated AV With these Solutions

Many businesses in Springfield, IL can benefit from commercial automation solutions. From the energy-saving power of integrated lighting and shading, to the increased efficiency of automated AV, there are plenty of ways your business can optimize with smart technology. But one of the most important aspects of automation often goes overlooked: you need a strong network to support all of your connected devices. In this blog, we’ll show you how you can establish a network that will give you the most return on investment.

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Hardwired Networking

Just about every custom electronics integrator will agree: use a hardwired network when possible. Hardwired networks are the most reliable, durable and secure, and they usually require far less maintenance than a wireless system. If you can invest in the minimal construction work that’s required for a hardwired network, you will benefit greatly down the line. Hardwired systems offer the most reliable 4K video distribution throughout every area of your workspace. If you’ve installed digital signs or video monitors throughout your office or restaurant, fiberoptic cables will help ensure that you never see a reduction in image quality. Plus, hardwired systems are far less susceptible to damage, so you don’t have to worry about undue weather conditions or any other hazards breaking your network connections.

Mesh Networking

Of course, not every business can benefit from a hardwired network. First, it takes some upfront capital. Second, you may be renting an office or restaurant space that doesn’t allow you to run wires through the walls. In these cases, a wireless network may be necessary. Today’s wireless networks are almost as reliable as hardwired systems, but they can be less reliable if you’re not careful. Typically, wireless systems can have limited range, and it’s much easier for the signal to become disrupted. Also, many business owners don’t realize that wireless networks have limited bandwidth just like their hardwired counterparts, and often overload it with connected devices. The best solution for your business with wireless needs is a mesh network. Unlike a standard wireless network, which features a single router broadcasting throughout the entire workspace, a mesh network uses multiple points of contact to create a net of wireless signals. To be clear, you may only use one router, but each node placed throughout your office or restaurant will enhance the signal between the others, so you don’t have any dead spaces and you don’t put too much strain on your router.   Many businesses benefit from a combination of hardwired and wireless networking. Can your commercial automation system do the same? Contact Liaison Homes today for more information!