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Enjoy Whole Home Audio Anywhere on Your Property

Enjoy Whole Home Audio Anywhere on Your Property

Here’s How You Can Enjoy Incredible Audio in Your Backyard This Spring With the sun shining and clear skies, it’s the perfect time to get out of the house and take in some of the fresh Denver air. But that doesn’t mean you have to ditch all of your favorite, high-end AV gear. In fact, you can enjoy the exact same system outside. When you integrate outdoor solutions with your whole home audio system, you can transform your backyard into the ultimate destination this season. Want to learn how? Just keep reading.

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Speaker Placement

Obviously, if you want to listen to music you’re going to need some speakers.

Outdoor speakers are similar to their indoor counterparts, but they don’t operate in quite the same way.

In your listening room, your large-format speakers are designed with resonant wood cabinets and expertly staged to recreate the feeling of a live musical performance.

Outside, the same materials wouldn’t survive very long. And because the speakers can’t use the reflections of the surrounding room to create the sonic experience, manufacturers have to find other solutions.

Instead, your outdoor speakers are arranged throughout your yard, facing inward, to create a kind of bubble of sound.

That way, your system mimics the audio appearance of a surround sound system.

What Are Outdoor Speakers Made of?

Outdoor speakers are made to withstand the elements.

They’re typically given cabinets made from rust-proof metals like brass. That way they can blend in with the surroundings and won’t have to worry about damage.

Additionally, they are water-tight and feature plenty of external drainage, so the weather won’t affect them.

Lastly, they frequently feature bio-degradable materials so you won’t have to worry about your yard and the surrounding foliage.


Audio Distribution

So how do you get the system in your basement to play all the way out in your yard?

Your integrator will run cabling from the rack to each of the speakers, so you’ll enjoy high-quality audio in every corner.

The cables will then be buried underground, making them unlikely to get damaged by weather or animal interference.

Of course, the further a music signal is distributed the weaker it gets, so your integrator will also likely install an underground amplifier.

Then, they’ll program your integrated remote so you can select a playlist and enjoy.

Want to learn more about adding outdoor sound to your whole home audio system?

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