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Crestron and The Future of Voice Control?

Crestron and The Future of Voice Control?

Why It’s Time to Contact Your Local Crestron Installer

What’s your favorite thing about smart automation? Is it the high levels of control, or the ease of use? Maybe it’s even that you can transform the way your home looks and feels with the touch of a button. But for us, one of the most interesting aspects of contemporary automation is voice control. From Amazon Echo to Google Home – even Samsung has gotten into the game with their new Galaxy Home voice-control speaker. And because of the growing ubiquity of the technology, major manufacturers like Crestron continue to search for new ways to integrate voice control to their systems. That’s why they’ve recently partnered with If you haven’t contacted your Winnetka-Wilmette area Crestron installer yet, this is the blog for you. Just keep reading to find out what it means for your smart home control system.

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What Is

Similar to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, is a voice-control system. But it’s a bit different, too. Unlike the major tech company’s VC platforms, is designed with one objective in mind: smart home control. In fact, the system is touted as a “smart home control system,” meaning it features its own hub and devices can integrate directly with it. It also offers regular language controls so, just like you would say “Alexa, dim the lights,” or “Ok Google, turn on the TV,” you can say “Ok Josh…” and the system will spring into action. What makes so interesting is that it’s developed specifically for smart home integration. While the other major VC platforms boast easy integration with smart home manufacturers, claims to cut out the middle man.  

Why Should Crestron Users Care?

Recently, Crestron began an official partnership with While it’s not the first VC platform Crestron has partnered with (you can also integrate Alexa) it may be a big move for both companies. Crestron offers unparalleled automation for companies and homes across the country thanks to custom, proprietary devices in almost every aspect of a smart home system. From lights to shades to any other smart home device, Crestron smart homes integrate their own products. Because this gives smart home installers a greater level of customizability, Crestron currently does most of its business in the commercial space. However, the company has been a pioneer when it comes to residential automation and after a few years away from that side of things, the partnership with a high-end, residential voice control company signals that they’re ready to make a big return.   Will your next smart home upgrade come from Crestron? If you have any questions about one of the leading manufacturers in the field, why not let us know? Just click the “Questions?” button at the bottom of your screen to start chatting with a live representative right now!