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Cool It: Adjustable Light Temperature Makes a Big Difference

Cool It: Adjustable Light Temperature Makes a Big Difference

Customize Your Aspen, CO Home Lighting Control With Ease

If you’ve been following our blog, you know about the many ways home lighting control can help transform your Aspen, CO property. From crafting elaborately layered settings that highlight your favorite aspects of a space to choosing the best hues for any occasion, smart lighting is an endlessly customizable way to enjoy integrated technology. One aspect of lighting control in particular has surged in popularity lately: adjustable light temperatures. In this blog, we’ll show you how the right color temperature can affect the way you see your home.

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Color Temperature: What Is It?

Have you ever stood in a room lit with incandescent bulbs and noticed a slightly yellow tint to the light? Or have you shopped in a store with fluorescent lights that give off a slightly blueish tone? Both are “white” lights, but they look completely different from one another. That’s because they feature different color temperatures. Color temperature can have a big psychological impact. “Cooler” colors (which are actually hotter temperatures) like blue make you feel alert and aware. “Warmer” colors like yellow, can help you feel relaxed and at ease. Lighting experts and smart home manufacturers are beginning to take advantage of the differences that the light temperatures make to give you a more customizable system in your home.

Why Temperature Adjustment Is a Must-Have

As users become more aware of the capabilities of their technology, they begin to demand more from it. This year has been a big one for smart homes around the country, and one of the most requested features is adjustable lighting temperatures. The reason is simple, users are becoming more aware of how the light in a space affects everything they see and do. For instance, your home is generally supposed to be a relaxing space, so you don’t want to bombard your living room or dining room with harsh lighting. It will wash out the colors and make everything look odd in addition to slightly stressing you out. So you want to use warmer colors. But what if, as the day wore on, your system was programmed to gradually lower the temperature of the lights. That way, you’d be fully aware in the early evening and relaxed when it’s time of bed. Conversely, you could program your system to raise the color temperature in your home office in the morning. When you sit down at your desk you could enjoy easy-to-read-by warm light, and by 10:00 a.m. be fully prepared for the day with alert cool light. Your home lighting control system is one of the most important aspects of a happy home. Contact Liaison Homes today for more information. Contact Us Today!