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Commercial Automation Tips: Huddle Rooms

Commercial Automation Tips: Huddle Rooms

What You Need to Know About Installing Office Huddle Rooms Today’s offices aren’t like they used to be. And whether your office is in Bloomington or in downtown Chicago, you’re going to need to keep up with the times. Instead of the traditional cubicle layout, workplaces have become more fluid. Team members can move freely about the space. An especially big pain point in this transition has been the conference room. After all, how can you collaborate if you don’t have a place to do it? That’s why employers have been utilizing huddle rooms, small spaces designed for three or four team members, fully stocked with the same commercial automation amenities you’d have in your conference room. They help create a feeling of free collaboration. Want to find out more? Just keep reading.

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Video Solutions

In a conference room, there’s a lot of freedom that you can employ when choosing a video display. Some business owners like projectors, while others prefer touch-panel 4K monitors. In a huddle room, however, your options are limited. There’s simply not enough space to install a large flat-panel. Instead, a small projector will likely make a perfect solution. To ensure that the projector remains out of the way, install the projector on the ceiling or on the table. You can even integrate lifts to store the unit within the wall or table when not in use. For a screen, simple screen paint may be the best option. A high-contrast, painted screen is generally sufficient for most lighting conditions. And remember, you’ll probably have multiple huddle rooms throughout your workspace, so saving on screen costs is a smart idea.

Audio Solutions­­

When building an audio system for huddle rooms, there’s less need for the same communication technology you might employ in a large conference room. Instead, you’ll need to emphasize clear digital audio from your AV equipment. In-ceiling speakers stay out of the way while ensuring your system has no hot spots or any other impediments to awesome sound. Additionally, acoustic treatments can help dampen any echoes that you may encounter in the small space.


Of course, with multiple small spaces using the same AV sources, you’re going to need a network that can handle that level of bandwidth – especially considering that your team may be running multiple meetings at once. A strong, fiber-optic network will ensure that each team member gets the information clearly, precisely and directly. Plus, when you integrate automation solutions, you can retain full control over each room through a single device.   Offices are more fluid than ever, and commercial automation can help you get there too. Just click here for more information.