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Can You Automate These Lighting Fixtures?

Can You Automate These Lighting Fixtures?

Home Lighting Control Is More Versatile Than You Think

By now you’re likely familiar with the idea of home lighting control. In fact, you can probably picture a smart home living room with integrated lighting right now. Many modern homes feature fixtures built directly into the ceiling. Recessed lighting is popular because it minimizes clutter and offers full coverage. But it’s not the only form of automated lighting control. In fact, smart lighting options can be as unique as your Denver home. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the other kinds of fixtures you can enjoy with the convenience of integrated control.

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Chandeliers and Wall-Mounted Fixtures

It may be fashionable now to minimize the appearance of your home technology with recessed fixtures and hidden components, but that wasn’t always the case. And if your style is a bit more old-fashioned, industrial or anything else, you don’t have to compromise your vision for your home spaces. Lighting control is largely based on the technology in your walls, not the fixture itself. That means that even if you want to install an antique electric chandelier in your dining room, you can still enjoy the benefits of modern integration.  

Backlighting and Accent Lighting

Primary light fixtures aren’t the only way you can illuminate your property. Elegant accent lighting can help draw the eye to the areas you particularly want to show off. LED can be customized to fit just about any shape, making it perfect for highlighting art pieces, stair cases and more. Plus, the same lighting can integrate directly with your lighting control system so you can craft the look you love.  

In-Closet Lights

While the most obvious places to install smart fixtures may be the ones you use every day, like your bedroom and bathrooms, you don’t want to overlook your smaller spaces. Closets, attics and basements are perfect places to install occupancy sensors. When you enter the space, the lights automatically turn on. Once you leave, they turn off.  

Outdoor Walkway Lighting

Landscape and in-pool lighting are smart ways to stay safe at night while enhancing your home’s beauty. But they’re not the only way you can benefit from smart lighting. In addition, you can illuminate all of your walkways for an elegant solution to navigating your outdoor spaces at night. LED can be customized to run along your walkway and under outdoor steps so you don’t have to worry about tripping on any unseen objects while enjoying your yard or deck.   Want to learn more about how smart lighting control can transform your property? Click here to reach out to us online or give us a call at (303) 757-1840.