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Be the Bright Spot of Your Neighborhood With Lutron Lighting Automation

Be the Bright Spot of Your Neighborhood With Lutron Lighting Automation

Illuminate Your Naples, FL Property With an Outdoor Lighting Control Installation

Summer has come and gone, and cooling temperatures are just a few short weeks away. It’s time to start enjoying the outside areas of your central Florida property. Smart lighting is an intelligent and effective way to add beauty and function to your Naples and Fort Meyers-area outdoor spaces. A Lutron lighting control installation can transform your yard into the perfect place for a cookout with friends and family. It can convert the unused corners of your property into an elegant outdoor media room. You can even turn the pool into the centerpiece of your home with adjustable lighting options. Read on to find out how smart lighting can augment the way you see your home’s exterior.

Make Family Time Last With Lutron

The burgers are on the grill and the beers are open. It’s time for a big family cookout. But summer is over and the days are getting shorter. The party doesn’t have to end as the sun begins to set. Thanks to your Lutron system, sensors installed throughout your property detect the fading sunlight and slowly begin to raise the lights integrated around your yard and deck. By the time the moon is out in earnest, you have a perfectly illuminated outdoor area to keep the festivities going for hours. While Lutron can’t give you more hours in the day, it can make family time a little brighter.

Movie Night Never Looked So Good

Bring the family together around a favorite flick with an outdoor media system. With a few simple commands on your tablet, smart phone or control device you can select a movie and adjust the lighting for perfect picture quality. Integrated audio throughout your yard can be controlled from the same device, so you can choose a perfect sound setting that won’t disturb the neighbors. When it’s time to grab a bowl of popcorn or get another drink, raise the lights in a designated zone to avoid interruptions to the movie. Take full advantage of the cooling weather by sharing your favorite films with the family.

Make Your Pool Area Shine

Lutron lighting control adds beauty to your pool whether you want to craft an elegant centerpiece to your property, or you just want the perfect place for a party. Pre-programmed settings that alternate lights in and around your pool augment the style and beauty of the area after the sun goes down. They also create a safe and fun environment for the kids to take a midnight swim. Lutron smart lighting turns your pool into the most beautiful area of your entire neighborhood. Add beauty, style and function to your Naples and Fort Meyers properties with a Lutron lighting control installation. Contact us to begin transforming your spaces today.