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Are Paradigm’s Persona Speakers Your Next Whole Home Audio Upgrade?

Are Paradigm’s Persona Speakers Your Next Whole Home Audio Upgrade?

Here’s What’s Unique About the Audio Company’s Latest Offering

So you’re in the market to upgrade the whole home audio system in your Decatur, IL property. You’re not alone. With so many options available, it’s hard to tell the features you’ll need to get you on the way to sonic heaven. That’s why we’ve decided to highlight the Persona line of speakers, from one of Canada’s premier audio manufacturers, Paradigm. Are they what you’re looking for? We have the answers in this blog. Keep reading to find out.

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Tweeter and Mid-Range Driver

Did you know that Persona is the only speaker line that uses beryllium drivers? Why? Because they care as much about the treble as they do the bass. Beryllium is a relatively rare metal, and it’s typically quite hard to build with. But its high stiffness-to-weight ratio makes it the perfect conduit for high and mid-range notes. The result is a speaker that hits higher pitches without distortion, for crisp sound imaging. It makes you feel like you’re in the room with the artist.


Of course, they haven’t forgotten about the woofer. You’ll want some extra kick in the low notes, to help give your music some extra power. The Persona line features dual-voice coils and powerful magnets that offer high output but low distortion. Dual-voice coils mean that the speaker can deliver twice the amount of power, or watts, to the woofer, but face less impedance, or ohms. Some models even feature both front-firing and rear-firing, which also help cancel additional vibrations. That means deeper bass notes with minimal distortion, so you can enjoy clear, resonant and powerful music.


Persona’s cabinet makeup is essential to the experience. It’s designed with a series of braces and enclosures that minimize distortion and dampen vibrations. It’s also constructed out of non-resonant materials to dampen internal standing waves. Plus, the cabinet comes in a variety of colors. So while the floor-standing Persona series dominates any room with its sound, its style will work seamlessly with your décor. All of these features together make Paradigm’s Persona speakers a good option for just about any audio need in your home. Whole home audio, dedicated listening room, home theater… These speakers could fit in any of those environments. As always, we’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to home audio – Paradigm Persona or any of the other great audio solutions out there.  That’s why we recommend a personalized consultation to cover the brands and features that are right for you. You’re just one click away from everything you need to know for your next sound upgrade. Click Here