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A New Liaison Homes Experience Center

A New Liaison Homes Experience Center

Our Smart Home Company Offers a Hands-On Experience in Decatur, IL Building a smart home is a big investment. Whether you want to automate a single room, convert an old house into a modern paradise or start from the ground up, it takes a lot of time, energy and research. Plus, there’s often the anxiety that you won’t like what you’ve installed. So why not get a hands-on experience before you buy? As your local smart home company, we want to make sure you’re getting what you need to enjoy your integrated technology the way you want it. That’s why we’ve opened a new showroom right here in Decatur, IL. What can you find there? This blog will explain.

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Superior Sound Performance

“What’s the best speaker system?” That’s one of the most common questions we get from our clients. Among the biggest concerns for many investing in smart AV for the first time is how the systems will look and sound. In our new showroom, you can experience many top brands, including:

  • Sonos: The world’s most popular wireless audio system, our showroom features working displays of the Play:1, Play:3 and Play:5, as well as other Sonos products. You can use our touch panel controller to adjust the volume, select a playlist and more.
  • Bose: Another prominent name in home audio is Bose, who have developed products for every facet of your system. From home theater systems to wireless audio solutions, Bose is a big name in AV. At our showroom, you can directly compare Bose with some of its competitors for a more accurate sense of how it can work for you.
  • Sony: A leading manufacturer of video displays, Sony offers top-of-the-line 4K Ultra HD projectors and TVs. Our showroom features multiple displays so you can get a sense of what it will look like in your home.

More Coming Soon

Of course, a smart home is about more than AV. That’s why we’re continuously adding to our available products so you can get a real smart home experience. Here, you’ll find a few cool new devices coming soon to our showroom:

  • Crestron Automation: Combine the controls of every device with a single system. Crestron is a leader in high-end automation and helps each component in your system work seamlessly with one another.
  • NEST Thermostat: A popular energy-saving device, the NEST thermostat keeps track of the amount of energy you’re using to keep your home cool, allows you to quickly adjust the temperature via your smartphone and even works automatically while you’re away.
  • Alexa Voice Control: Among the hottest trends in home automation right now is voice control. And there are few platforms better than Alexa. Able to integrate with Creston, Sonos and most other smart products, you can soon find out what it’s like to command your home with the power of your own voice.

  Want to experience all of the cool integrated technology available right now? Come visit our new showroom! No appointment necessary – we’re open five days a week. Just click here for more info.