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A Beginner’s Guide to Motorized Shades

A Beginner’s Guide to Motorized Shades

The Perfect Solution for Your Denver, CO Home

Motorized shades are one of the best additions you can make to your smart home system. Why? Because they look great, save you energy, reduce expenditures and generally tie a room together. But with so many potential upgrades you can make to your home – from AV to security, lighting and more – shouldn’t shades stay at the bottom of the list? Absolutely not! In this blog, we offer a short guide to the reasons you want to invest in motorized shades today! Keep reading to learn more.

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Smart Shades Bring the Room Together 

There’s no denying it; from a design standpoint, smart shading is a must-have. A room without window treatments can offer a harsh environment – particularly for the aesthetically inclined. But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with a single design. There are plenty of options available, from full curtains to virtually invisible sun shades and more. If you’re interested in bringing your décor together with a great addition to your smart home system, motorized shades are the place to start.

Motorized Shades are Perfect for Winter

Want to reduce energy costs this winter? The easiest way to do that is to turn off the heater. But if your heater is off, how will you stay warm? Simple: invest in motorized shades. The right window treatment can help insulate your spaces so you don’t have to constantly run your heater throughout the cooler months to maintain a comfortable living environment. The fact is that most of your home’s heat will escape through the windows. By creating a pocket of air between the window and the covering, and by using sufficiently heavy material, you can insulate your space similarly to the way a blanket keeps your body warm when it’s cold. Want to learn more? Check out our blog on the topic.

Motorized Shades are Perfect for Summer, Too

Smart shading is one of the most versatile additions to any home. They’re perfect all year round because they can help you regulate temperatures in your spaces. They can help keep you warm in the winter, but also help you minimize solar heat gain in the summer time. That will help you rely less on the thermostat during the warmer months. Solar heat gain is the process of a room warming up due to the sun’s heat. Plenty of homeowners love to keep the windows uncovered during the spring and summer to minimize the use of artificial lighting, but end up spending the money on keeping their spaces cool. Sun shades are a great solution. Their see-through design allows light to filter through without the harmful UV rays that can heat up the room and eventually destroy furniture. Sounds intense, right? Learn more with this blog. There are plenty of benefits to investing in motorized shades. Contact us to get started on your installation today.