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6 Ways Smart Technology Will Help Your Business Stand Out This Spring (Part 2)

6 Ways Smart Technology Will Help Your Business Stand Out This Spring (Part 2)

Aspen Resort Owners Will Love These Commercial Audio Video Solutions

With spring here and summer quickly on the way, resort season is starting to hit full stride in Aspen, Colorado. Potential guests have a lot of options, though, and they’re looking for lodging that stands out from the crowd. We’ve already told you how commercial automation can be implemented to keep your customers cool and comfortable, so in this blog we’ll cover how to keep them safe, entertained and informed. Commercial audio video systems can be integrated throughout your building, and your staff can take control of them with easy access to intuitive controls. Read on to learn more.

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4. Distributed Video

Images are everywhere. When you’re walking down the street, looking at your phone or just trying to get a cup of coffee, you’re bombarded with pictures trying to grab your attention and inform you about a product or service. When you’re trying to capture the interest of a guest or patron, you need to step up your visual media-game. One of the most popular means of video distribution in high-end hotels and resorts is the video wall. A video wall is a dynamic and fun way to inform guests about upcoming events and provide your lobby with beautiful technology. Moreover, integrating flat-panel televisions in your bar or restaurant area can draw guests in for more social interactions. The NBA finals are on the way and MLB season has just started; both are perfect excuses for family and friends gathering to grab a few drinks and spend time together.

5. Distributed Audio

More than any other sense (except maybe smell) hearing influences our behavior the most. Soft music streaming in through unseen speakers can inspire us to buy a particular item, and a particular playlist can encourage us to finish a project. Why not take advantage of this fact by integrating a distributed audio system in your building. In the spa area, stream music that will help your guests relax. In the restaurant, offer a playlist that stimulates conversation. When a guest walks into the lobby, greet them with a welcoming soundtrack that makes them feel at home. Streaming music can completely change the way your patrons experience your resort. But you can do more than simply satisfy guests – you can streamline service as well. Intercoms throughout the space can bolster communication between staff members. Easily speak to anyone with the press of a button on a wall-mounted device, or integrate control with your smartphone or tablet to communicate on-the-go. Smart technology can streamline the way you share information.

6. Surveillance and Security

Guests feel best when they feel safe, and integrated AV solutions can help boost your security and surveillance systems. Give your security staff ample access to surveillance cameras, quick means of communication and smart ways to shut down specific areas of the building if an emergency occurs. Security guards can stream real-time footage to their smartphones or tablets, so they don’t have to be stuck behind a desk with video monitors to remain aware of what’s going on. Plus, they can receive push notifications if sensors are activated for a quick response. If something goes wrong, they can easily lock or unlock doors from their tablets with smart entry systems equipped with video cameras as well. Are you ready to enhance your Aspen business with commercial audio video solutions? Contact us today.