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Fort Myers Custom Installer Discusses the Essentials to Consider When Designing a Home Theater


 When you envision your personal private cinema, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Big comfy theater seating? A 100-inch projector screen? While both a plush couch and a big picture are part of a great movie experience, there are a few other components that should be considered when renovating your space to include a custom home theater. No need to worry, however. Take a seat, sit back and enjoy the show, because the custom integration experts at Liaison Smart Home Automation have every detail of your new home theater covered.

Infrastructure and Wiring

In today’s modern home the infrastructure and wiring of your setup is a vital step in building the best possible system, and the foundation for how these components are integrated. After a client decides on whether they want a contemporary multi-purpose media room with a 65” TV or a dedicated home theater with a projector and screen setup, Liaison Smart Homes can create an environment composed of the perfect entertainment components for that room.

Superior Surround Sound

Have you ever been blown away by a stunning movie experience? More than likely you were moved by the encapsulating thrill of surround sound. Most movies, games and other content are optimized for 5.1 or 7.1 channel stereo sound. Want even more boom for your buck? Additional subwoofers can be added to your system for an even better bass response, giving every listening position the chance to feel the thrill of deep bass.

Automated Shading Control

Natural light filtering into a room creates a welcoming presence, yet when are you trying to watch a movie its presence is unwelcomed. Blackout shades help create a cinematic atmosphere even in the sunniest of theaters. Creating a home theater in a space with hard to reach windows? Automated window treatments can draw to a close with the press of a battery operated remote control or an in-wall touch panel.

Entertainment Control Systems

Why juggle with multiple remotes? Liaison’s patented ETouch technology makes it easy to integrate all of your entertainment controls into one simple interface. Imagine using your iPad or smartphone to turn up the sound and dim the lights. A pre-programmed “movie night” button can trigger shades to close, lights go down and your favorite blu-ray to begin playing.

Variety of Video Sources

Netflix. AppleTV. OnDemand. The list goes on and on. What you want to watch right now can be in any number of places and we make sure that by simply touching the room on the screen, you can access all of your HD content options, streaming players, and hard drive servers from any television in your home. Surround sound and automated control aren’t just for home theaters. Liaison can configure bedrooms, family rooms and even the outdoors, for a full entertainment experience – making every room the best seat in the house. At Liaison Smart Home Automation, we are enveloped in all of the details of each and every project so that we can ensure that your Big Picture, is Picture Perfect.