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Articles in Category: Whole Home Music

Experience Your Favorite Music Throughout Your House With Whole Home Audio

Experience Your Favorite Music Throughout Your House With Whole Home Audio

Build a Playlist That Accentuates Every Room of Your Home

In a town known as “The Country Music Capital of the World”, it’s no surprise that the residents of Nashville, TN would value their tunes. And there’s no better way to appreciate your favorite music than with a whole home music installation. No matter if you’re waking up, cooking dinner, on the deck or in your own dedicated listening room, you’ll never miss a note in any area of your property. Read on to find out how smart technology can enhance the way you interact with the audio in your house.


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Beyond Sonos: How to Achieve the Best Music Streaming Experience

Beyond Sonos: How to Achieve the Best Music Streaming Experience

Liaison Home Automation Discusses the Best Whole Home Music Options

The 21st century is a great time for the modern music lover. When it comes to music there are a variety of genres, streaming services, and types of speaker systems we can install in our homes. At Liaison Home Automation we enable homeowners all over Denver, CO and nationwide to create the best whole home music experiences. In this blog, we discuss the various options for filling your home with sound.

HiFi Sound for Every Room

Many consumers are familiar with Sonos speakers, as their wireless streaming capabilities set them apart from the pack. Some of our clients start with Sonos, and then later expand to a complete whole home audio system integrated into the other smart technology components of their home. Sonos makes it easy for every person in the house to listen to any playlist in any space, all from their touchscreen device. Sonos speakers are also known for their simple setup. No rewiring. No complex programming. While Sonos is a good entry option for a retrofit system, there are various options with a number of benefits for consumers building a new home or embarking on a complete remodel. If you decide that a more complete system is for you, then work with a trusted professional integrator for a tailored solution.

Integrated Control in the Palm of Your Hand

Your multi-room system can incorporate various speaker configurations from surround sound in the media room to in-wall speakers in the bedroom or celling mounted speakers in the kitchen. These configurations can be customized to work in-sync with other components and systems in your home. Do you find yourself often entertaining? Make life easier, with integrated control that dims the lights, starts the perfect playlist and cools down the room, all with one touch. Liaison considers your family’s specific requirements and presents you with a solution that uniquely suits your needs.

Go Beyond Your Music Library

When sitting at the movie theater, what is the most exciting aspect of the movie experience? The beauty of a big screen draws you into the story, while the rumble of a brilliant speaker system puts you in the center of the action. When contemplating a whole house audio setup for your new construction, keep in mind that your speakers will be utilized in a variety of manners. Not only will they softly play tunes in the background during a dinner party to entertain your guests, but should also provide the best experience when watching the latest blockbuster. Liaison Home Smart Home Automation can help configure your home theater so every seat in your living room is the best seat in the house. No matter where you are located, the team at Liaison Smart Home Automation is positioned to make sure that whatever system you choose is properly integrated into your space, benefiting your day-to-day activities and enhancing your lifestyle. Contact us today, so we can work with you to create the best possible listing experience in your home today.

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