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Articles in Category: Smart Home Technology

Introducing Healthy Homes

Your home is smart, but is it healthy?

Introducing Healthy Homes

This past year has brought awareness to the places that we go, the air that we breathe, and the water that we drink. People take precautions outside of the home, but what about inside. During these unprecedented times, people are spending more time in their homes, which makes us wonder how clean our everyday environment is. Now more than ever, the air we breathe and the water we drink is an important aspect of our everyday health.

Here at Liaison, we had the same questions and concerns. Originally, our mission was to provide our clients with a luxury living space and integrated technologies. Now, it emcompasses the health and wellness of the people within the home. Air and water purification solutions are the simplest and most integrated ways to ensure that your home’s atmosphere is pure and clean.

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The Cool New Smart Home Technology from CEDIA 2018

The Cool New Smart Home Technology from CEDIA 2018

What We Loved at This Year’s Expo

We’re back from San Diego and we’ve brought plenty of cool new smart home technology with us. From upgraded projectors to outdoor AV solutions, your Aspen, CO property will be enjoying something of a renaissance over the next year. Popular manufacturers like Sony, Seura, and Samsung unveiled some surprising new tech for us to gawk at this year, so we’ve broken down some of our favorite products at the expo. What will transform your home? This blog may give you a peek into your integrated tech future. Ready to jump in? Keep reading!

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