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Tennessee Integrator Discusses Why a Smart Thermostat is a Smart Choice


 At Liaison Homes, we are always hearing from our Nashville, TN clients that one of the things they love most about their smart home automation system is the smart thermostat- and for good reason! Automated climate control is the perfect complement to the modern home with fewer switches and more control. At Liaison we integrate your home’s humidity sensors, motorized shading and lighting systems into one easy to use interface, to maximize comfort and energy usage. So how does Liaison keep you calm, cool, and collected with smart home automation? Read on and see.

Stay Calm – Achieve the Perfect Temperature for Every Room

Using a traditional thermostat in just one room, can at times, make the bedroom of your home too cool while the kitchen simultaneously feels too hot. It isn’t in your head! The layout of your home may cause rooms farthest from the thermostat to feel approximately 10 degrees off from the temperature you set. How do you fix that? With automated climate controls you can monitor and adjust your home’s heating and cooling system across floors, zones or individual rooms. Do you need your baby’s room to stay 5 degrees warm while the wine cellar is precisely 17 degrees cooler? No problem! Liaison’s zone by zone room control eliminates the headaches that often come with such specific needs.

Stay Cool (Or Warm!) – Arrive Home to Total Comfort

Have you ever thought during the warm summer months or frigid winters, “It would be nice to come home to a perfectly chilled (or heated) home?” Smart climate control makes this possible. Coming home late and the temperatures have dropped unexpectedly? No problem. Simply pull out your mobile phone and tell your house that you will be arriving shortly and set the temperature to an “occupied” mode. Climate controls even react to your presence in a room, using motion sensors to detect when all the dinner guests have left the dining room and are heading for the patio. Making you look like the ultimate hostess as the AC and music follow you from room to room.

Stay Collected – Monitor Your Residence While Away

Preset schedules help your home begin to prepare for events – such as the kids arriving home from school – so your home is always the perfect temperature. If you’re going on vacation for a weekend or six months, remote monitoring of your climate control system can bring you peace of mind. No more worrying about your property while away. Remote climate controls help ease your concerns of water and temperature damage, sending instant text message alerts in the event of an incident. If you leave and forget to turn down the thermostat before heading out the door, you can do your part to lessen your carbon footprint and take care of it on the go. If you are interested in learning more about Liaison’s simple to operate, patented eTouch technology to control your home, contact us today. Come home to a Liaison Home today, where everything feels just right.

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