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Articles in Category: Lighting Control Installation

Why Upgrade With LED Home Lighting Control Fixtures?

Why Upgrade With LED Home Lighting Control Fixtures?

Don’t Get Stuck in the Past When it Comes to Your Lights

When you think of LED, what comes to mind? Probably an awesome 4K UHD television or other video display. But actually, LEDs are an all-around smart way to illuminate any space. That’s why many home lighting control manufacturers are crafting great LED fixtures for both indoors and out. In this blog, we’ll show you some of the big benefits of upgrading your Denver, CO property with LED lighting fixtures. Read on to learn more.

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Be the Bright Spot of Your Neighborhood With Lutron Lighting Automation

Be the Bright Spot of Your Neighborhood With Lutron Lighting Automation

Illuminate Your Naples, FL Property With an Outdoor Lighting Control Installation

Summer has come and gone, and cooling temperatures are just a few short weeks away. It’s time to start enjoying the outside areas of your central Florida property. Smart lighting is an intelligent and effective way to add beauty and function to your Naples and Fort Meyers-area outdoor spaces. A Lutron lighting control installation can transform your yard into the perfect place for a cookout with friends and family. It can convert the unused corners of your property into an elegant outdoor media room. You can even turn the pool into the centerpiece of your home with adjustable lighting options. Read on to find out how smart lighting can augment the way you see your home’s exterior.

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How Can Automated Lighting Control Brighten Your Fort Meyers Smart Home?

How Can Automated Lighting Control Brighten Your Fort Meyers Smart Home?

Liaison Explains What the Right Lighting Control Installation Can Do For You

A quality lighting control installation is an incredible part of any home automation project. There are endless applications for automated lighting in your Fort Meyers home, including: preset moods, increased security, convenience and safety as well as peace of mind. And while a lighting control system can help you out in so many ways, it is not complicated or hard to use. The wonders of current mobile technology allow for integrated controls on your smart phone or tablet, giving you one-touch command over all of your home lighting.

Create the Perfect Mood

It’s Friday night and you’re planning a romantic, at-home dinner with your spouse. Set the scene with a low key glow and intimate atmosphere. Are the kids hanging out, playing video games on Saturday afternoon? Create a hip environment just for them that doesn’t take away from the image on the screen. Hosting a family get together? A warm and inviting dining room setting is ready with just the touch of a button. With preset scenes programmed into your lighting control installation, you can have personalized lighting for every occasion.

Feel Safer with Increased Security

Let your automated lighting keep you safe the same way your security blanket did when you were a kid. Motion sensors will light up your yard as soon as any movement is detected, warding off any things that may lurk in the shadows. Away from home? Toggle the lights between different rooms at uneven intervals to give the impression that somebody is in the house at all times. A lighting control system can keep you safe and secure at all times of night. Our patent pending interface with Glow Touch technology incorporates your home’s floor plan with rooms glowing yellow indicating that lights are on, so you are always aware of exactly what is going on.

Experience a New Level of Convenience

If you’re getting home late from the office, don’t walk into a dark house. With just the touch of a button on your tablet or smart phone, you can have the porch lights turned on, the living room shades drawn, the AC blowing nice and cool – all as you pull up to the driveway. By integrating your automated lighting system with your other smart home technology, you can literally hold convenience in the palm of your hand.

Stop Worrying and Gain Peace of Mind

If you’re worried that your lighting might be wasting too much energy when you’re out of the house or in a different room, you can adjust the brightness or turn them off completely from your tablet or smart phone with integrated controls. Want to make sure the lights are on when the kids get home from school? Combine your automated lighting control with a remote monitoring system, so you can stay aware and in control of your home no matter where you are. With a lighting control system there’s no more worry. Are you ready to get started on your automated lighting project? Contact us today so we can answer all of the questions you have about a lighting control installation in your Fort Meyers home.

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From Lighting Control Installation to Whole Home Control, Local Integration Experts Bring It All Together

Building a new home should be a celebration for all involved. From architect to low-voltage contractor to homeowner, everyone hopes to see their vision become a reality eventually enjoyed by a happy family of occupants. At Liaison Smart Home Automation, we strive to simplify this process to ensure an enjoyable experience for all. The team at Liaison is focused on making the process as seamless as possible. We manage sub-contractors, details, and timelines so that we serve our position as a “Liaison” to the best of our ability in every project that we have the privilege to serve on.


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