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Articles in Category: Home Theater

Sound Bars for Home Theatres

Raise Your (Sound) Bar

Sound Bars for Home Theatres

Raise Your (Sound) Bar

How high is your bar? Is bass important? What about style, or sound quality? All of these sound important... but why? Sound is the center of your home’s entertainment experience, and therefore many factors go into it. The selection of a sound bar can be quite confusing, so the experts at Liaison are here to answer all of your questions.

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Enhance Your Home Network for Excellent Audio Video

Enhance Your Home Network for Excellent Audio Video

Aspen Home Theater Enthusiasts Can Enjoy an Epic Upgrade in Quality

Now that 4K Ultra HD is no longer just a dream for Aspen home theater lovers, it’s time to start enjoying the high-quality content that’s available. But unless you plan to re-build your entire Blu-ray library with the new 4K Blu-rays currently hitting the shelves, you’re likely going to be streaming and downloading a lot of content. The only problem is, many homes can’t support the format because it uses too much bandwidth. If you want to enjoy the benefits of UHD, you may need a network upgrade. Read on to learn more.

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