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Want Your Home to look Stunning? Go with Low-Voltage Lighting

How Lumastream LED Is Changing the Lighting Game

Want Your Home to look Stunning? Go with Low-Voltage Lighting

What’s the most important aspect of your lighting system?

Is it the way it makes your home look? Or maybe how well it keeps your spaces safe?

The fact is, lighting can do a lot. And one of the most compelling reasons to upgrade to LED lighting fixtures is the way it helps you save energy.

But not all systems are the same. In fact, low-voltage lighting systems – like the kind offered by Lumastream – are among the most energy efficient additions you can make to your Denver property.

If you have no idea what low-voltage lighting is, you’re not alone. This blog will explain the concept, and how it can help you save big on your energy bills.

Ready to learn more? Just keep reading.

TAGS: Home Lighting Control | Lumastream

5 Hot Home Theater Design Trends for 2018

Enjoy Modern Style with Smart Function

5 Hot Home Theater Design Trends for 2018

Everyone wants a home theater. Whether you’re the world’s biggest sports fan or a dedicated movie buff, you’ve probably dreamed about it forever.

Now that it’s close to reality, it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll do with the space. Will it be a themed room, based off your favorite movie? Will it be a versatile space, made for more than just watching content?

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the current home theater design trends and how you can get the most out of your Hinsdale, IL entertainment space. Just keep reading for more.

TAGS: 4K HDR | Customized Seating | Home Theater

Using Alexa for Home Lighting Control

Finding the Words That Make Your System Work

Using Alexa for Home Lighting Control

Amazon Alexa and other voice control interfaces have revolutionized the way we interact with our smart homes. Highland Park homeowners who have never thought about integrating their technology have come around thanks to popular devices like Amazon’s Echo and Dot. One of the most common uses for them is home lighting control solutions.

The convenience of voice control makes turning your lights on and off as fun as playing with the dimmer when you were a kid. In this blog, we’ll explore the different ways you can enjoy voice control with the smart lighting system in your Highland Park home.

Light, Luxury, and You: How Technology Transforms Your Lifestyle

Crafting a Smarter Lighting Control Design

Light, Luxury, and You: How Technology Transforms Your Lifestyle

What’s the difference between a tool and a toy?

When you were young, you may have had a toy toolbox. A plastic hammer, a flimsy wrench, maybe even a screwdriver that fit into your tiny kid hand. These were fun to play with, and they may have even lead you down a specific career path later in life.

But when you got older, you probably started to realize there was a big difference between the toys and the real thing – where the toys were fun to play with, the tools were both fun and effective ways of changing the world around you.

Now, no one would ever accuse a smart lighting system of being a mere toy. But when you consider some of the advancements over the past few years in smart technology, today’s systems can do a lot to enhance your lighting control design.

In this blog, we’ll explore a big advancement in lighting control and how it can add a new layer of luxury to the living spaces in your Springfield, Illinois-area home or beyond. Keep reading for more.

TAGS: Adjustable Lighting | circadian rhythms