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Sound Bars for Home Theatres

Raise Your (Sound) Bar

Sound Bars for Home Theatres

Raise Your (Sound) Bar

How high is your bar? Is bass important? What about style, or sound quality? All of these sound important... but why? Sound is the center of your home’s entertainment experience, and therefore many factors go into it. The selection of a sound bar can be quite confusing, so the experts at Liaison are here to answer all of your questions.

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Introducing Healthy Homes

Your home is smart, but is it healthy?

Introducing Healthy Homes

This past year has brought awareness to the places that we go, the air that we breathe, and the water that we drink. People take precautions outside of the home, but what about inside. During these unprecedented times, people are spending more time in their homes, which makes us wonder how clean our everyday environment is. Now more than ever, the air we breathe and the water we drink is an important aspect of our everyday health.

Here at Liaison, we had the same questions and concerns. Originally, our mission was to provide our clients with a luxury living space and integrated technologies. Now, it emcompasses the health and wellness of the people within the home. Air and water purification solutions are the simplest and most integrated ways to ensure that your home’s atmosphere is pure and clean.

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How Smart Home Technology Can Help Aging in Place

These technology advances are ready for all ages.

How Smart Home Technology Can Help Aging in Place

Smart home technology isn’t just for the young.

Any new technology – and especially new technology in emerging and growing categories like smart home technology – tends to get a reputation of being for younger audiences. But that’s simply not the case. The team here at Liaison Home Automation prides itself on being knowledgeable on the best ways, practices, and use cases for the technology we sell, and we thought it would be great to guide our customers through a not-often-talked-about, but quite important, use of smart home technology: to help older adults as they are aging in place.

TAGS: aging | aging in place | aging in place design | home care | smart home | smart home technology | smart-home-automation

Tech Trends 2021 -- What to look for Next Year

Everything you need to know about smart home tech in 2021.

Tech Trends 2021 -- What to look for Next Year

Happy New Year everybody!

Welcome to 2021, which means a few things: First, that we survived 2020! And second, that lots of new tech trends are here. At Liaison Home Automation, we are excited to see what 2021 has in store for smart homes and smart technology.

So, we thought that we should kick off the New Year with a look at some exciting and upcoming tech trends! We’ve just started a brand new year, so today our blog is all about looking ahead at what paths the industry may take next year.

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