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Build a Positive Team and a Family Spirit.

A positive team is one where each player's individuality (unique set of skills, talents and abilities) is identified, embraced and encouraged to grow. Each person is recognized as an integral part of the overall success of the entire team, leading them to work in harmony to achieve the company's ultimate goals.

A family spirit is created when all of the members are invested in one another's lives to encourage, strengthen and support each other, through good times and bad. This spirit should naturally carry over into how we treat our clients as well.

How do we do this?

  • Celebrate the individuality of others and recognize their unique contributions.
  • Invest in others’ lives and come up with ways to let them know that you’ve got their back.
  • Be “solutions-focused” when a mistake is made and concentrate on identifying the problem and developing solutions. Be soft on the person - hard on problem.
  • When times get tough, place a heavy reliance on grit and resiliency. Remember, we can persevere!

Pursue balanced growth.

Everything that we do should be evaluated in light of a natural growth process. Marketing, sales, project-management, rolling out markets - all of these have their own unique processes that work in cooperation with the overall vision and success of the company. Thus, circumventing or rushing a process in business can have the same detrimental effect as it does in nature – a reduction in the harvest.

How do we do this?

  • Evaluate decisions in light of their natural processes. Do not circumvent the process – even if it costs us in the short term.
  • Consider the “seed principle” in everything we do. Look to see how it can be made reproducible.
  • Remember that the fruit of our labors now, will contain the seeds for future growth – thus multiplying rather than just adding to our efforts.

Embrace a Collaborative Atmosphere.

A collaborative atmosphere supports creativity and innovation, and produces a sense of cohesiveness to a group. When new and diverse points of view are brought to the table from each individual’s unique perspective, these ideas can be synthesized into new paradigms that had not been previously considered.

When there is more participation, a higher level of internal unity is achieved within the group, and the natural result is a stronger bond to decisions made.

How do we do this?

  • Encourage the contribution of each individual on the team.
  • Do not hold back on expressing your own opinions and insights – your perspective may be the difference we are looking for!
  • Feed a spirit of innovation by seeking new ways to create uniqueness in our market.
  • Seek out internal unity with the rest of the team based upon common ideas and principles before making major decisions.

Value everyone’s time – now and in the future.

Time is the common currency that all of us share. As a result, we are all stewards of the time that we have been blessed with and we need to manage it properly. We all need to recognize the importance that others place on their time as well. We need to conscientiously be aware of the demands that we place on others in the way that we work with one another, as well as how we interact with our clients – whether they are partners, contractors or the end-user.

How do we do this?

  • Be conscientious of one another’s time commitments.
  • Be ready to take on extra responsibility outside of your “job description” if someone else seems to be getting bogged down.
  • Continual think of creative ways in which to save time without sacrificing quality – especially for our clients.
  • Thank people for their time.
  • Our goal in introducing new technology will be to reduce the time and complexity necessary to perform the mundane tasks of life, thus allowing our customers and employees to have more time for the more valuable aspects of living.

Deliver what we say.

Our internal belief system is demonstrated externally to the world through our character. Saying one thing and doing another is the opposite of integrity – and it’s annoying. When someone feels that they can believe the “inner you” because you actually do what you say, you gain greater respect and help to create a positive atmosphere where individuals can trust one another. Trust is the basis of all relationships.

How do we do this?

  • Make sure your walk matches your talk.
  • Abide by the promises that you make.
  • Avoid cutting corners just because you might make an extra buck

Some “liaison” definitions to consider:

  • Communication or cooperation that facilitates a close working relationship between people or organizations.
  • The contact or connection maintained by units of any organization in order to ensure concerted action or cooperation.
  • A person who initiates and maintains such a contact or connection.
  • Establish a working relationship, typically in order to cooperate on a matter of mutual concern: (the verb form “liaise”)


"Simplify Your Home Technology"

Life can be very complicated.

One of the key functions of a liaison is to act as a “connector” to help improve communication between people, organizations and yes, even electronic devices in a home.

In our relationships with clients, we introduce them to a simple interface that connects them to their homes and allows easy communication with all of their home automation devices.

In our relationships with partners, contractors, and dealers we help them connect with customers by being the turnkey solution for the entire process of installing a home automation system from interacting with the customer, designing and managing the project, to ultimately ensuring an impeccable finished product in the end.

Everything we do centers around facilitating a close working relationship with others and improving communication in order to simplify the complexities of life.

Industry Memberships / Awards

  •   CEDIA Member
  •   ProSource Member
  •   Control4 Certified Dealer
  •   Savant Certified Dealer
  •   Sony Diamond Dealer
  •   Samsung Platinum Dealer
  •   Hunter Douglas Certified Integrated Dealer
  •   Crestron Certified Platinum Dealer
  •   Lutron Full Service Dealer Certified
  •   Crestron 2019 North American Shade Project of the Year Award
  •   Crestron 2017 Specialty Automation Award
  •   Crestron Global Home Technology Award: Best Shading Application
  •   Featured in Technology Designer Magazine - Spring 2019