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Liaison: Simplifying Living


At Liaison, we’ve created a company that brings the Designer, Engineer, Project Manager, Software developer, and Integrator under one roof – this way nothing slips through the cracks.

We’re not “just a dealer” pushing a manufacturer’s line of products. We are a team of professionals that are involved in every job to ensure that the best products and services are delivered to each one of our customers. Everyone at LIAISON is committed to creating a team that allows each member’s talents and abilities to contribute to the success of each project.



Whether it's walking through a client’s existing home to evaluate their home automation needs, or sitting down with their architect to plan out their new-build installation, our Design Leads are here to simplify the process with our clients. They treat our clients with the utmost respect in regards to their time as well as their educational learning curve.


Our team has the experience and know-how to integrate the most complex automation systems into a home in a way that makes the most sense to all of the players involved in the overall process.




Our expert project managers make sure that no detail is overlooked when working with different trades and service providers. They ensure the project is progressing to set timeline and is completed to scope.


Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that the final installation not only looks and “feels” good, but that it’s reliable and simple to use. The customer will be fully educated and capable of running their system when we turn the controls over to them.




If any software questions or customization issues come up, we take care of everything in-house with a sense of pride and commitment. Many issues can be addressed remotely so that the customer does not even need to be bothered.

Everything we do centers around facilitating a close working relationship with others and improving communication in order to simplify the complexities of life. Exactly what any liaison would do.