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Lighting Control

Lighting control makes it easy to quickly adjust the ambiance of any space.

Project Description

Lighting comes in many shapes, sizes, arrangements and technologies. With automated lighting control installation, every light you choose can be programmed, and adjusted to the perfect level– all with a simple touch of a screen. Whether its track lighting, overhead cans, wall sconces, incandescent, CFL or LED, you control it all from an easy-to-follow floor plan of your home.

  • Turn lights on/off or simply dim them by touching any room on your floor plan.
  • Pre-set lighting moods for different occasions.
  • Leaving the house in a hurry? One simple touch of a button will turn off all the lights or leave on only the ones you choose.
  • Take control of your energy costs by using Energy Consumption Readings or by pre-setting your light usage in areas you designate according to the time of day and/or day of the week.


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