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Climate Control (HVAC)

Keep yourself in comfort and save energy at the same time.


Project Description

It’s critical to have a heating and cooling system that can quickly and efficiently respond to changes in the weather. Remote monitoring of your climate control system is simple in your daily life, if you go on a vacation, or need to leave unexpectedly. Once your HVAC is integrated into your home automation system, you’ll have instant feedback and control over every zone of your residence. One press on your ETouch system you sets the levels you want your home to maintain while you’re away, as well as preparing the level of comfort you desire when you return home. Simply save energy with Smart Home Automation.

  • Control each zone with one touch on your screen.
  • Use the scheduler to preset levels to your own time cycles.
  • Forget to turn down the heat before you left the house? No problem. Access your system remotely and adjust it with one touch.
  • Control your HVAC from multiple devices such as your phone, tablet or computer.
  • Reduce clutter on your walls with fewer thermostats.


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